Since my first Pct adventure in 2016, I have shed my perceived exterior a multitude of times. I consider myself an onion, gradually peeling back one layer at a time, on the ultimate quest to discover myself and embrace the authentic being residing in my inner core. The loss of some of those layers makes me cry, some cause me to scream, some to laugh. All are pre-conceived notions placed on me by society, other people projecting onto me, or false identities I have adopted. The process is brutal, but one I am committed to. Who am I? I am a warrior. I am a survivor. I am stubborn as hell. I am a high school dropout. I am sometimes a mess. I am weird. I am gay. I am an advocate for all those hikers that don’t fit between the lines. I am proud of the person I am finally letting myself be. I am Matador. I am a thru-hiker.