Forrest Stewart

I’m a first-time thru-hiker hoping to finish the PCT before starting law school in the fall at a yet-to-be-determined institution. In my blogs I’m particularly interested in examining my own mental/emotional state while hiking as well as the general trail community’s eccentricities.


How I Didn’t Decide to Hike the PCT

How I Didn’t Decide to Hike the PCT

If you were to review my stream of consciousness over the last year—during which the “Forrest is going to hike the PCT” reality has come to exist—you would never find a moment in which my mind changed from “perhaps I will hike the PCT” to “I will definitely hike the PCT”. Instead, you would find many smaller decisions that have slowly, over months, made hiking the PCT a concrete plan.

Mar 14, 2020 : Forrest Stewart