Greg Ward

Born and raised in Montana, a deep curiosity for the outdoors seemed to just come along with my DNA. My second lifelong passion started in the kitchen watching my mom cook three meals a day. Cooking is a love of mine, mostly because it involves eating the end-product!! My life progression has been an amazing adventure, leading to my position as a Backcountry Chef. This has allowed me to experience the deep trails of the Western United States and Alaska. The scenery has been stunning, the relationships lasting, and the wildlife mesmerizing. As I cross the half-century threshold into my 50th birthday, my next step is to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail. My family supports my lifelong desire to travel 2,189 miles by foot: to slow down, to reflect, to be fully thankful. I invite you to join me and follow along on my Big "5-0"Adventure. Always follow your heart. Cheers!