Harry Campbell

Planning a flip flop thru hike in 2021. I'm an illustrator, a father and husband, and lastly a cancer survivor, or rather cancer patient/survivor. The last part is the least of who I am. Aside from drawing for a living I've restored some houses here in Baltimore, I tend to take on things, obsess over that project then move on. Those were things I've always wanted to do and so I did them. Currently customizing a Ram van as a camper, part of the new and yet to be defined obsession. As opposed to houses which are stationary and represent indoors, the van and the plan to hike are the opposite, in motion and out of doors. I've done some hiking and I have some gear. I've hiked with my now grown boys, I have three of them. We've hiked in Virginia and New Hampshire, New Jersey and Massachusetts, stretches of the AT in Maryland a few times, we've hiked up and around Harpers Ferry too many times to count. That's a special place. I'd tell them of the AT and how it's always fascinated me, describe the idea of a thru hike and tell of friends who have done it. I've done a Presidential traverse, once solo and once with two of my boys and a couple of their friends. I've done some winter mountaineering stuff in the whites as well, with guides. Spent lots of time day hiking in the hills around Camden Maine, another special place. I realized I will never really get an opportunity to thru hike unless I create that opportunity, and so I shall. Lastly, I cannot commit to more than a start at Rockfish Gap and see how it goes, and if it goes I'll keep going.


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