Jennifer Cenker

Welcome to the Journey of the Snail Brethren! Snail Brethren? That would be us…a mom and teenage son duo in the midst of planning a 2017 AT thru-hike. Our motto for the trail is slow and steady and enjoy every second. I’m Jen, the mom of the duo team, and I have always been addicted to the outdoors. I seem to be at my happiest when I am out in the middle of nowhere in my kayak or breathing in mountain air…being outdoors to me is like food for the soul. I want to teach my son Gabe that it doesn’t matter how old you are, how difficult a dream appears to be, you always need to follow your heart. Life is just too short to be spent saying, “what if” or “some day”. As Gabe puts it, “Hail the Snail” - no matter your age or ability, stop sitting around and go plan your own adventure!


The Journey of the Snail Brethren

The Journey of the Snail Brethren

Become a member of the Snail Brethren...plan your own adventure, meander through the woods, take your time to savor every smell, sound, sight...Hail the Snail!

Sep 11, 2016 : Jennifer Cenker