I find my fear of the next day fading as my curiosity grows, secure in the knowledge that I have overcome obstacles in the past and will continue to do so in the future. I am landline free since 1995, desktop PC free since 2006, and now only use a laptop for larger projects. My socially responsible factory production job experienced a marketplace contraction which combined with a cultural shift in the workforce. After two rounds of therapy for anxiety and depression, despite glowing performance reviews at work, I quit the job, dumped possessions and left. I am making a trial of being a full-time nomad, using art and trail therapy to recover and exploring where the cameras take me. 2018 will be my first thru-hike, AT NOBO. On completion, I plan to convert a vehicle to use as a mobile studio and adventure base. The flat land of oranges and hurricanes is currently home. I am sizing up the possibility of a yoyo, just walking back after Katahdin and getting picked up from the Florida Trail. If that happens, I'll figure out a passport and plan to complete the ECT.