Joy Morrison

Hi all! I am Joy and I was born and raised in sunny San Diego, California. I moved to Oregon a couple times in my childhood but still call SD home. I am really excited to share my 2024 PCT thru hiking experience here through the Trek blog. I am currently certified as a USA weightlifting coach and hold certifications in different Yoga disciplines as well. I have backpacked and summitted Mt. Whitney four times, two of those, I am proud to say, as a solo female back packer. My last solo summit was August 11, 2023. A record breaking snow year. This was done 8 months after having a spinal fusion from the abdomen (ALIF) with bone graft from my left hip. I like to think that’s pretty cool. I have 5 kids, three over the age of 21 and two under the age of 18. I am hoping that my journey is not only inspiring to them but also to others out there that find the trail to be “Their peace”.