Katharine “Manhattan” Rudzitis

I am 20-something born and bred Manhattanite who enjoys exploring and the outdoors. My family used to split our time among the city sights, our grandparents in the Pennsylvania forests, and our grandparents on a Minnesota farm. I grew up wandering around and adventuring, but I found myself spending less and less time outdoors as I grew older, replacing the wild with (equally wonderful) trips to other cities. The Appalachian Trail has been a lifelong goal, and I decided that 2019 would be the year to give it a try. (Spoiler: completed in 149 days!) Off the trail, you will find me at great local coffee shops digging deep into a new novel: in 2018, I decided to read 365 books. I’m 2021, I’m meditating daily. 2022? We’ll see! Here's to the friends, adventures, and blisters to come.