Katlyn Mobley

Hey there! People keep asking me if I know why I decided to take off on a NOBO thru-hike of the AT this year and I don't have an exact answer for them, and I feel like that's totally okay. I just knew I wanted to do it "one day" and decided to make "one day" today. :) When not walking in a Mainewardly direction, I live in Asheville North Carolina and you can usually find me at a coffee shop, brewery, or playing on my adult kickball league. Excited to start this new adventure!


I Will Be One of “Them”

I Will Be One of “Them”

I'm mildly freaking out. Just mildly. In, oh say, three hours I will be packing up my stuff and heading to Amicoloa Lodge to stay the night, then

Mar 13, 2016 : Katlyn Mobley