Kelly Ann Baird

Hey ya'll! I'm Kelly Ann and my goofy pup here is Riley. We started backpacking early in 2016 and ever since have been gearing up for some pretty strenuous thru-hikes; the first of which will be our sobo AT thru-hike beginning October, 2017. Prior to backpacking, I was a two sport varsity athlete, captain, and Conference/National Champion for Ohio State. I was also a member of the USA swim team for a couple years. My competitive background has fueled my long distance backpacking adventures to be more on the irregular side. By pushing boundaries and sharing my experiences with others, I hope to inspire more individuals to get outside and explore the world around them, whether that be by taking a stroll around a neighborhood park or walking for months on end across the country. No step is too small because all great adventures begin with the courage to take that initial step.