Ken Moffat

Hi, I'm Ken. Nevis and I will be thru-hiking the A.T. as SOBOs, starting sometime in June, and assuming my ancient knees allow it, finishing around the end of the year. I've been wanting to do this ever since reading "A Walk in the Woods" long, long ago. Career (mostly overseas, 53 countries and counting), marriage, and life in general always made me say "later". Finally, retired, divorced and living in the States (WA) again, my time has come. I've done plenty of hiking, climbing and scuba diving around the world, but this will be my first backpacking. Everything in its own time. I look forward to meeting y'all on the Trail. Hi, I'm Nevis, named after Scotland's highest peak, and the incredibly handsome brains of this family. I'm a 2-year-old border collie, herder of sheep (my true love), goats, ducks, Agility dog (CPE Level 4), and bi-lingual (Turkish and English). I like all people and animals (although I know some sheep that might disagree), and I very rarely bark, and then only once. Baba only accepts low growls If I want his attention.


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