Kevan Kerr

My name is Kevan, misspelled by my parents on purpose, being quirky at my expense. I have yet to earn a trail name, so imagine a suggestion box hanging alongside my profile (please be gentle, clever, and / or original). From Apr. to Aug. 2019, I will attempt to thru-hike the Continental Divide Trail. I expect my CDT thru-hike to be very similar to the show Naked and Afraid (albeit, almost no nudity and twice the fear). While Knoxville, Tennessee, has been home for most of my life, I also claim New York City and Kobe, Japan, as previous residences. My primary occupations to date have been communications specialist (advertising and marketing) and English teacher, but I would make different choices given a do-over.


What’s Your Motivation?

What’s Your Motivation?

When an actor speaks, moves, or shows emotion, he does so according to his character’s motivation. Motive is what makes the character, rather than

Apr 5, 2019 : Kevan Kerr