Space Jam

Went on a 5-week long trip to New Zealand in 2013/2014 to rode motorbikes all over the place and camp. It was my first taste of that nomadic lifestyle of being in nature and not knowing where you'll be sleeping that night. That began my downward spiral into thru-hiking and ruining my life (in a good way) 2016: Wonderland Trail, 93 miles This was a test hike for the AT. I spent 10 days on the trail with two of my good friends who hiked the PCT in 2014. I loved it and thought I could most definitely do that ten times in a row. 2017: Appalachian Trail, 2193 miles, April 6 - September 15. My first real thru-hike. I hammocked the whole way and met tons of amazing hiker buddies that I still keep in touch with. 2018: Pacific Crest Trail, 2650 miles, May 7 - September 28. After spending the winter feeling caged at my old cubicle job, I quit for good to fly out west with my new girlfriend to hike the PCT. Her only backpacking experience was a 27-mile stretch of the AT we did about a month before leaving. She learned quickly and was soon hiking faster than me! 2019: Continental Divide Trail, 3000+ miles, June ? - December ? I will be a SOBO and my only concern is the loneliness. I've hiked a lot, camped above treeline a lot, forded rivers a lot, but I've always hiked with people.


Final Leg of the Three-Year Triple Crown

Final Leg of the Three-Year Triple Crown

What is up TREK people? I am Kevin, AKA Space Jam, and this summer I will be tackling the CDT to complete my Triple Crown in a quick three year time

Jun 10, 2019 : Space Jam