Tin Man

"Walks of Life"......Aloha, I'm a US Army retiree and 2 x cancer survivor. At age 8 my Mom took me to this place called Harper's Ferry. Part of that magical weekend involved discovering this thing called the Appalachian Trail. When told it went from ME to GA and one can actually walk the whole thing, it blew up my little mind. Ever since it's been a bucket list item. Have done numerous section hikes on the AT & PCT over the years, but life circumstances finally allow for an AT through hike (SOBO start in Jun). This is also the "ultimate rehab validation" (total hip replacement, impromptu, lol, in 2020 due to a mountain bike crash, planned total knee replacement in 21). Hence the moniker, "Tin Man." That said, guess I need a heart now. Last but not least, it's an opportunity to give back. I'm representing the Teressa Rosalind French Foundation. Teressa was a loving, vibrant young lady who was taken from this earth unexpectantly at age 16. The Foundation provides scholarships and grants to young students wishing to meet their educational and spiritual goals. It's my aim to first, repmember Teressa (take her spirit on the trail), then spread awareness of the wonderful opportunities the Foundation makes available to students. If interested in helping the Foundation meet it's goals, please go to the website: https://teressarosalindfrenchfoundation.org/about/ ALL gifts/donations go towards grants and scholarships. I'm fortunate and blessed to have this unique opportunity to "pack it all in" for 5-6 months. Excited to get back on the trail, see and experience so much (yes, including "hiccups" along the way, lol) and for the opportunity to meet so many interesting people from so many "walks" of life. Everyday is a blessing.