Peg Leg

I’m a 28 year old thru hiker who has been in love with thru hiking since 2017. Back in 2017 I hiked 1300 miles of the PCT in between semesters of college. Years later in 2022 I went back out to complete the whole trail. The following year in 2023 I set out to walk “Bama to Baxter”. Connecting the Pinhoti Trail, parts of the Benton Mackaye Trail, and Appalachian trail. My plan was to walk from Alabama to Maine. Along the way I decided that I wanted to go even further. I completed the International Appalachian Trail which went across Maine, New Brunswick, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland. Then I went back in Alabama to pick up where I left off in February. From Alabama I walked all the way to Key West in Florida, completing the entire 5,500 mile Eastern Continental Trail. I'm the 2nd woman in history to hike the entire ECT from Key West➡️Newfoundland. And only the 9th person ever to hike this route. This year in 2024 I am tackling my triple crown trail, the Continental Divide!