Peg Leg

I’m a 26 year old solo female hiker who fell in love with thru hiking back in 2017 when I hiked the first 1300 miles of the PCT. After the PCT I went back and finished college and then worked in Boston for a few years. When COVID hit in 2020 I lost my job; and later that year I wound up putting everything in storage and began traveling the US in a 19ft RV. Since then I went back and hiked the entire PCT in 2022, this time doing a SOBO/flip-flop hike. This year in 2023 I am walking from Alabama to Maine (Bama to Baxter). I started on the Pinhoti Trail, which I will then connect to a portion of the Benton MacKaye trail, and then finally I will begin the Appalachian Trail. Cumulatively this Bama to Baxter hike will be over 2600 miles.