Mags on the Trail

Unintentionally in my 50's, soon to be intentionally on the AT. I'll be a NOBO flip-flopper, departing from Harper's Ferry in April 2020. I'm a lapsed backpacker, having done the Grand Canyon, RMNP, and Saguaro National Desert - a decade ago. Looking forward to leaving the flatlands of mid-America behind and rediscovering the trail. I have a supportive hubby who has agreed to get by without my wit and charm for several months. I'd say get by without my cooking and cleaning as well - but let's be honest, I wasn't doing that anyway.


50 Shades of Graying

50 Shades of Graying

Or more precisely, 53 and graying. Let’s start this adventure with an intro and a short, lighthearted post. I’m sure things are gonna get heavy

Oct 12, 2019 : Mags on the Trail