Nika Sturm

Oh, hi! I’m Nika, from Slovenia. I've always dreamt of going places but never really left my tiny country. Because I'm gonna run out of twenty-something birthdays pretty soon I finally, finally changed my tune from "I'm gonna do that someday!" to "When, if not now?" So, yeah [read this in Martin Freeman's voice, shouting excitedly] “I’m going on an adventure!”. Attempting a PCT nobo thru-hike starting early May.


Walk Unafraid

Walk Unafraid

This song means so much to me, for many different reasons. It is about owning up to your faults and mistakes; about not being afraid to fail and stumble trying to be yourself and not who others want you to be. I first heard that Aid Kit cover version back in 2015 when I saw the movie Wild. It is also where I first heard of really long trails and the idea of thru-hiking.

Apr 23, 2022 : Nika Sturm