The Family

We are The Family. In 2023, we will attempt to complete the Pacific Crest Trail. We might be wrong, and please correct us if we are, but we think this might make us the first family of seven to finish the trail. And since we did the Appalachian Trail in 2020 and the Continental Divide Trail in 2022, The Beast will become the first seven-year-old Triple Crowner (in fairness we didn't 'redline' the CDT, but we did connect a continuous and unbroken footpath from Crazy Cook to Waterton in one year). And we think we will also be the first to carry a baby on TWO long trails! And just to double-down on the weirdness of The Family, we have lived in Chad, Africa for the past 12+ years. So go ahead and subscribe to this blog if you want to know the right/wrong ways to backpack with too many kids! ;)