Olivia Kaiser

Hi Y'all! No trail name yet, so I’ll introduce myself as Olivia. I’ve wanted to complete a thru-hike for many years, but the trip never seemed to fit with life. People would tell me “if you wait for the perfect moment, it’ll never happen…” and they are right! So here I am, embarking on my first PCT thru-hike this March (2018). I want to use my experience as an interpretive ranger to learn about the land and the people who embody this trail! Follow along with me as I meet like-minded individuals, share my trail ups and downs and explore a world very different from the bluegrass state I call home.


Taking the First Step into the Unknown

Taking the First Step into the Unknown

Venturing off on my first thru-hike, I can only imagine the trail ahead. I have an overwhelming anticipation of exploring the unknown, not only in

Mar 13, 2018 : Olivia Kaiser