Patrick Brown

After two explosive tours in Iraq with the US Army Infantry, Patrick was told "We have the technology. We can rebuild." He is now a cyborg and cannot be killed. Upon his medical retirement, he traded in his rifle and rank for hiking poles and an ordination as a priest in The Church of The Latter-Day-Dude. (yes, it's a real thing!) Now he pursues a more peaceful life through hiking, bikepacking, canoeing, and drinking lots of beer at music festivals. Patrick is a former Flint, MI EMT (yes, THAT Flint!) and has gone through Wilderness Medicine training at SOLO in NH and Austere Environment Medicine training at The University of Michigan. He currently splits his time between Florida, Michigan, and "at large". In 2016, you will find him "Flip-Flopping" the entire length of the AT on his quest for enlightenment.