Rochelle Sorenson

Rochelle here! Trail name to be determined.... I'm a nurse working in the OR. Three years ago, I got divorced and moved to Boise. I began discovering myself, making new friends, seeking new adventures, and trying to embrace every moment of this crazy-sexy-cool life! To ensure my 40th birthday is one of epic proportions, it seems logical to be trekking over a hill while I'm over-the-hill! Enter: Appalachian Trail My SOBO thru-hike begins June 27, 2018. My goal is to embrace every moment....even my stench.


I’ll Embrace Every Moment on My SOBO Thru-Hike

I’ll Embrace Every Moment on My SOBO Thru-Hike

Rochelle here! Scrunch-face in the morning. All smiles and sunshine in the afternoon. Night owl by night, which also happens to be my spirit

Feb 14, 2018 : Rochelle Sorenson