Ruth Morley

After living overseas 18 years, I continue to enjoy exploring the world, especially via my own two feet. Doing the 1500 mile GR5 trail from the North Sea to the Mediterranean made me fall in love with long distance hiking. Now that we're back in Ohio, the Appalachian Trail kept calling me. So in 2017, I answered. After tons of prep work at home sewing much of my equipment and dehydrating all my gluten- and dairy-free food, I got 500 miles in before tendonitis and the dreaded plantar fasciitis sent me home. After healing over the winter, I finished up the southern half on Nov.10, 2018. In 2019, I had high hopes of completing all 1100 miles of the northern half, starting again at Harpers Ferry, WV. Well, I made it almost all the way, but had to very sadly come off the trail with stress fractures and 220 miles left to do. Even though I said never again, here I go again!. Please follow me as I spend four weeks in July and August making my way back to Katahdin.