Krystian Repolona

Hi! My name is Krystian "Snap" Repolona, founder of Hikes.Camera. Adventure.Hikes.Camera.Adventure was born from three of my passions: hiking, cameras, and adventure. I recently completed my journey on the Appalachian Trail on October 7, 2016 and I am currently in the planning stages for my hike of the Pacific Crest Trail in 2017. I bring my camera along for all my adventures in order to document the beauty I will encounter. You know the saying a photograph tells a thousand words? Well... I'm just trying to capture the outspoken beauty and the beauty on these adventures are absolutely DEAFENING.Prior to my adventures, I worked as a registered nurse in the emergency room. I dealt with life and death everyday on the job, and it gave me the inspiration to set out and see the beauty in the world. Life is precious, yet so fragile -- it can be taken away at any moment. I just want to LIVE before I die.I've always been in awe of the beauty in this world. As a photographer, I love to appreciate the grand sweeping views all the way to the minute textures. The natural beauty of the great outdoors has always allured me and brought enrichment to my life, and one of the main inspirations for my love of photography is to share the beauty of the world in this wonderful journey called life through visual storytelling. I hope to inspire you and others willing to listen to get outside and experience the beauty thats out there.


The Beauty on the Appalachian Trail—It’s Deafening.

The Beauty on the Appalachian Trail—It’s Deafening.

You know the saying a photograph tells a thousand words? Well...I just love capturing the outspoken beauty. The Beauty on the Appalachian Trail—it's

Nov 2, 2016 : Krystian Repolona