Tara Karineh Wales

Hey Trekkers! I’m Tara and I’m currently thru-hiking the AT (class of 2023). Originally from London, but now living in Sydney (Australia) as a full-time mum who (when possible) blogs about hiking with her two girls (plus other such topics). Has recently towed across a large ocean with her (not-so lightweight) pack that is her hubby Samuel, 6-year-old daughter Acacia and baby Sierra (C-C, cute and cuddly). We’re giving the AT our best shot while learning the secrets and hardships of this arduous yet wondrous trail. Best moments on trail so far: watching trail community sing in harmony to my sick bub on week 1, my first shower off-trail, eating as many Clif Bars as I want in a day and watching Acacia live out her dream of hitch-hiking in the back of a pick up truck on her first zero.


The Logistics of Thru-Hiking with a Baby on the AT

The Logistics of Thru-Hiking with a Baby on the AT

Once in a while, in the midst of the twenty-something year olds, retired adventurers or young couples daring to put their relationship through the

Apr 20, 2023 : Tara Karineh Wales