Tory Anne Wilkinson

Heyo! I am a twenty-something year-old setting out on the PCT in April of 2015. My intentions for through-hiking are vast and my on-trail desires are few (mainly to not die). Ever since deciding a desk job wasn't for me, my life has become training for the trail throughout California, flopping around on my yoga mat, and dancing with my dog. It's ruff.


Using the Buddy System: Yoga & Thru-Hiking

Using the Buddy System: Yoga & Thru-Hiking

Early this year, Madison Dragana published a killer article on the importance of stretching while hiking and backpacking in which she suggested

Dec 5, 2014 : Tory Anne Wilkinson
Vagary, n.  (Wait, What?)

Vagary, n. (Wait, What?)

I suppose I should introduce myself before I start throwing out precariously spelt vocabulary words. My name is Tory Wilkinson, a twenty-something

Oct 24, 2014 : Tory Anne Wilkinson