Dandelion aka Trishadee Newlin

aka Dandelion. Hi! Most people meet me about 100 yards before they see me, so let's just get this greeting going, shall we? Im a musician, teacher, performer, storyteller, lover of karaoke, herbalist, aspiring polyglot and tree huggin' dirt worshipper. Over the past 25 years I've chased a military musician all over the globe, visited 25 different countries and had all kinds of fun adventures. Now it's time to explore the ol' US of A for a bit. Originally from Long Island, NY, now setting up shop not far from the AT in Massachusetts, Ive never lived anywhere more than 4 years since I was 12. So yeah, there's a bit of wanderlust in my blood. I decided at 30 to run a mile for the first time in my life, and I've been finding ways to push the goalposts a little further back ever since. My 2022 AT hike was just the challenge I needed! Bitten by the hiker trash bug, I'll be taking on the New England Trail in 2023. Follow me on Instagram for decent photos but better tales!