What's going on people? I'm Akuna (Hakuna Matata) a name I received while hiking the PCT in 2016 because I tend to not worry about things. I attempted to thru-hike the pct in 2016 and fell hard for hiking, nature, and the community that surrounds the trail. I enjoyed it so much I went right back out in 2017. The PCT will always be my first love but this year I decided to expand my relationship with the outdoors by thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail in March. I plan on crushing miles and spreading my good vibes up and down the trail this season. I look forward to adding new members to my trail family, enjoying all the awesome that is nature, and inspiring the uninspired.


The Epic Journey to Becoming Akuna the Thru-Hiker

The Epic Journey to Becoming Akuna the Thru-Hiker

Hello, everyone! My name is Akuna. As in Hakuna Matata. I received this name in 2016 on my first attempt at thru-hiking the PCT because I worried

Feb 11, 2018 : Akuna