Zoe Morelli

Hello, I am Wolf at least that’s what they call me on the trail. Probably because I am a stealth 6'1", 36-inch chest, 14-inch biceps, 28-inch waist. A veritable trail GOD... Ha-ha, I WISH. OKAY, I would love to think my trail name will be assigned because I am totally one with nature and possess killer instincts but if my trail name were Wolf, it would be because I always have a bunch of pups in tow. All right, so I exaggerate some. But really, who’s told the complete truth about themselves since “they” invented cybersex? If I did have a trail name it would most likely be “Unknown Purpose” or “Identity wanted.” I am probably not the person you might expect to see on the trail. I am a very plus size, coming in at 150 pounds over my ideal body weight, 50+-year-old grandmother. I worked 25 years in the medical field and just recently retired. If you think the trail is intense, check out a day in a busy ER. I don’t let my weight, age, or really anything else determine what I can or cannot do. If I set my mind to it, I know anything is possible. I am a binge hiker. Well really, I don’t even know what that means. I suppose what I am trying to say is that I get into hiking and hike the hell out of life until I get distracted…. Then (*insert crickets chirping*) I have always wanted to complete the triple crown of backpacking. It’s a dream and honestly most of the time I eventually end up doing what I set out to do. Unfortunately, I still have young children, a home and a husband, and thru-hiking just isn’t a viable option for me at this point in my life. On the flip side, section hiking the A.T. is totally doable. So, with that said…. Drum roll …. 2022 is when the adventure begins! Fingers crossed for an uber-cool trail name! I’ll see you on the A.T.!!!