Backpacker Radio #187 | Chris Priest & Duncan Say on the UK’s Pennine Way

In today’s episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, brought to you by Good To-Go, we are joined by Chris Priest and Duncan Say, authors of “Forty years, sixteen days: Will two old friends walk the Pennine Way – again?” As the title implies, Chris and Duncan hiked this 268-mile trail in the UK twice, forty years apart. We learn all about this trail, including why the duo thinks it’s the best long-distance trail in all of the UK, how it’s changed over the years, the culture that surrounds the trail, some of the standout highlights along the trail, and considerations for those who choose to travel from abroad to hike it. We also get some fun, standout stories from these journeys and the book. Prepare to expand your trail bucket list.

We wrap the show with our irrational fears, a triple crown of our most unpopular opinions, the top tents on the Appalachian Trail, a voicemail from an international listener about which cell carrier is best for the AT, and more.

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Interview with Chris & Duncan

Time stamps & Questions

00:04:43 – QOTD: What is your irrational fear?

00:16:38 – Reminders: Support us on Patreon! Apply to blog for the Trek!

00:19:12 – Introducing Chris and Duncan

00:20:12 – How did you two meet and become friends?

00:22:11 – Tell us about your backgrounds and careers.

00:27:14 – What is the English terminology for hiking?

00:27:57 – Give us a primer on the Pennine Way.

00:30:30 – Is green the normal aesthetic across all of England?

00:34:12 – Is there an advantage to hiking the trail in a certain direction?

00:35:53 – What could someone expect weatherwise on this trail?

00:38:00 – Discussion about the popularity of English trails over time

00:39:35 – What are some advantages of the Pennine Way over the Coast to Coast Trail?

00:41:06 – How often do you walk through towns?

00:43:25 – Are there specific ‘can’t-miss’ pubs or sights along the trail?

00:48:26 – Tell us about the difficulty of the terrain.

00:51:00 – Tell us about the accommodations and camping on trail.

00:54:28 – What is the cost of the accommodations?

00:56:35 – How much did you have to budget for the full trip?

00:57:56 – What meals did you crave in town?

00:59:55 – Did you book accommodations in advance or the day of?

01:00:53 – What was the range of temperatures that you experienced?

01:03:00 – Discussion about wind

01:04:53 – Are there any historical places along the trail?

01:07:44 – Describe the designated campsites and wild camping

01:13:45 – Fuck Marry Kill: Pennine Way, Coast to Coast Trail, West Highland Way

01:18:00 – Discussion about British culture on trail

01:19:01 – If you could go back and relive one of the hikes, which would you pick?

01:23:36 – Is it true that you wore jeans and sweaters the first time?

01:25:20 – Tell us about the WhatsApp message.

01:29:33 – Tell us about the Bristol Stool Chart.

01:32:00 – What types of wildlife do you see on the trail?

01:35:50 – Are there any good English wool companies for hiking apparel?

01:37:55 – Are there rules about shitting on someone’s private property?

01:39:42 – Where should listeners go to learn more?


Stupid Thing of the Week

Trek Propaganda

Triple Crown of unpopular opinions

Mail Bag

Listener Voicemail

5 Star Review

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