Backpacker Radio #188 | Valentine’s Day 3.0: Two Hiker Trash Couples Tell All

In today’s episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek brought to you by Good To-Go, the studio is transforming into a love lodge as we interview not one but two Hiker Trash couples. Liz and Matt (aka Chuckles and Frisky) and Nat and Matt (aka Bart and Party Tart) give us a glimpse into how their relationships came to be, the highlights and lowlights of thru-hiking with a significant other, and some of their top trail-tested advice for maintaining a relationship on trail and off.  The format for today is chaotic yet fun, as we kick things off with a round of The Newlywed Game and transition into rotating sessions of seven minutes in heaven. I promise that will make sense here shortly.

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Interview with Liz, Matt, Nat, and Matt

Time stamps & Questions

00:04:45 – QOTD: How frequently do you have dreams that your relationship ends and wake up panicked?

00:09:45 – Introducing the interviewees

00:11:52 – The Newlywed Game: Nat and Matt

00:29:07 – The Newlywed Game: Liz and Matt

00:30:30 – Outa Ware pants

00:41:20 – Seven Minutes in Heaven Round 1: Nat and Matt

00:43:08 – Give us the full rundown of your PCT hike in 2019.

00:47:04 – Were you apprehensive going into the PCT?

00:48:30 – What is it like prepping for a thru-hike as a couple?

00:50:49 – Walk us through rearranging who would carry what?

00:54:26 – Seven Minutes in Heaven Round 2: Liz and Matt

00:55:02 – Tell us your trail name origin stories.

01:03:08 – Frisky and Chuckle’s origin story

01:10:22 – Seven Minutes in Heaven Round 3: Nat and Matt

01:19:33 – Seven Minutes in Heaven Round 4: Liz and Matt

01:20:20 – What’s your most embarrassing partner story from trail?

01:30:30 – Seven Minutes in Heaven Round 5: Nat and Matt

01:31:04 – What was your biggest fight on trail?

01:33:04 – How do you avoid fights on trail?

01:37:00 – What made you realize you were being competitive?

01:38:29 – Do you have a conflict resolution strategy?

01:44:08 – Seven Minutes in Heaven Round 6: Liz and Matt

01:44:56 – What was your biggest fight on the PCT?

01:50:07 – What was your biggest fight on the CDT?

01:56:57 – Seven Minutes in Heaven Round 7: Nat and Matt

01:57:10 – Guiding for Skurka

01:58:33 – What is your most R-rated trail story?

02:05:40 – When was the first time you had sex in a tent?

02:08:33 – Seven Minutes in Heaven Round 8: Liz and Matt

02:12:25 – Were there any other questions you were expecting?

02:15:38 – If you had one piece of advice for someone going on a thru-hike with a partner, who would it be?

02:24:18 – What are other things that should go on a pre-trail couple’s contract?


Triple Crown of bad or embarrassing date moments

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  • Porkroll : Feb 17th

    Zack, good luck to you and Jenna with the twins. Just remember to grab an extra few minutes in the shower to juice them blueys! Oh, by the way, another great episode! Keep them coming!

  • Stroll : Apr 9th

    Aaaaand I’ll never be able to look at Billy Goat’s cave the same way ever again.


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