Backpacker Radio #195 | Jack “Quadzilla” Jones 2.0: the Calendar Year Triple Crown and Handling Isolationism

In today’s episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, we are joined once again by Quadzilla.  We of course go deep on his calendar year triple crown from last year, getting a play-by-play of his standout highlights, lowlights, and everything in between from his epic 8,000-mile adventure. Much like Quadzilla’s first appearance, this one is full of sage advice for on trail and off, including how he handles isolationism, dealing with the doldrums, and the importance of staying present.  This one of course does not disappoint.

We wrap the show with the Triple Crown of previously held backpacking convictions you’ve changed your mind on, some news on Mt Washington’s recent -108 degree day, and a new stupid thing of the week.  

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Interview with Jack “Quadzilla” Jones

Time stamps & Questions

00:04:53 – QOTD: Should Kraft mac n’ cheese be eaten with a fork or a spoon?

00:07:15 – Reminders: Future of BPR 🙁

00:12:20 – Introducing Quadzilla

00:13:45 – Introduce us to the Calendar Year Triple Crown and what inspired you to do it

00:15:44 – Have we crossed any boundaries talking about your quads?

00:17:27 – Tell us about your ideal weight and your trail diet

00:19:40 – Give us some background on the general CYTC facts

00:22:18 – Tell us about the winter weather you experienced on the AT

00:27:44 – Did you have anything to self-arrest with?

00:28:26 – Did your weightlifting background give you an advantage in the snow?

00:29:14 – Was Vermont the first place you consistently saw winter weather?

00:31:01 – Was there any part of you that wished you got off and switched trails?

00:32:28 – What was your camera setup?

00:34:57 – Have you ever considered making a quads calendar or OnlyFans?

00:36:35 – Do you have any trail photography hacks?

00:38:07 – Tell us about your wildlife encounters and photos

00:40:56 – Why did you also take video clips?

00:44:05 – Were you intentionally more introspective in what you shared about your journey?

00:47:28 – How do you process everything publicly?

00:49:30 – Tell us about battling isolationism

00:53:38 – Do you have thoughts on what a cure could be?

00:57:39 – Tell us more about recognizing when you’re in the doldrums of a hike

01:01:36 – How would you compare the AT?

01:04:10 – Did you consider timing where you would be during a potential low point?

01:07:00 – What are your top “holy shit” moments from the CYTC?

01:09:08 – Quadzilla’s poop story

01:10:00 – Did you hike with other people at any point?

01:12:45 – How did you then pull away from the social aspect and return to hiking solo?

01:14:36 – How often did you get recognized?

01:18:02 – Did that experience make you rethink the next hitch?

01:21:03 – If you could go back and relive a day from each of the trails, which would it be?

01:23:10 – When you got past the San Juans, was there a big sigh of relief?

01:25:27 – What kind of gear did you carry over the course of the year?

01:29:22 – Do you have the layering company to hike in cold temperatures?

01:31:25 – Discussion about waterproof socks

01:31:50 – Days Quadzilla would relive on the AT and CDT

01:34:16 – Discussion about smashing watermelons

01:38:40 – How did the CDT this year compare to the first time you hiked it?

01:41:40 – Are there certain restaurants or towns you knew you wanted to visit a second time?

01:44:42 – Did you keep track of your food or macros while hiking?

01:45:53 – Did any particular food item keep your interest for the entire journey?

01:47:23 – Did you take any supplements?

01:50:24 – What did your 5,000 calories consist of?

01:52:16 – Did you intentionally drink a certain amount of water?

01:53:50 – Tell us about getting sponsored for your hike

01:55:08 – Did you find any romance on the trail?

01:58:01 – What plans do you have for this year?

02:01:00 – Where can people buy your book?

02:02:30 – Anything else to share before you leave?


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Triple Crown of previously held backpacking convictions you’ve changed your mind on

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