Backpacker Radio #198 | Catra “DirtDiva” Corbett on Overcoming Meth Addiction to Run 100+ Miles 100+ Times

In today’s episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, we are joined by Catra Corbett. Catra is an accomplished ultrarunner, former meth addict, author, and overall force for positivity. We go through Catra’s many long distance accomplishments including being the first American woman to run over 100 miles on more than 100 occasions, her fastest known double time for the 425-miles John Muir Trail, and her streak of running every day for the last 10 years. We learn about the process of overcoming addiction and starting a new life, how Catra maintains a positive mindset while managing her depression and anxiety, her favorite trail races, including a fuck marry kill of the best 100 mile races, and much more. This was a fun lively chat, you will enjoy it, or else, we will find you.

We wrap the show with a triple crown of random facts, reasons why you should SOBO thru-hike the CDT, a new patent-pending, and some last minute thoughts before Chaunce hits the Ozark Highlands Trail.

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Interview with Catra Corbett

Time stamps & Questions

00:09:57 – QOTD: Predictions for Zach with twins!

00:11:58 – Reminders: Take our listener survey! 

00:13:30 – Introducing Catra

00:14:16 – Give us your full background on getting into sports

00:18:44 – Did you have any trauma that turned you towards substances?

00:21:37 – Is it almost a benefit to have gone through past hardships while being an ultrarunner?

00:23:00 – Tell us about being a go-go dancer!

00:25:40 – Do you think you needed to process your trauma prior to starting running?

00:26:48 – Can you talk about how hard it was to stay clean and focus on running?

00:30:28 – How did you cut ties with your former friends?

00:32:02 – Tell us about setting the JMT yo-yo FKT

00:45:50 – What did the FKT culture look like in 2002?

00:49:55 – Have you had any hallucinations?

00:54:26 – Tell us about the Triple Crown of 200s

00:57:18 – Have you noticed a change in the 200-mile race scene since Courtney’s win?

01:01:45 – What would you say is the line between oversleeping and undersleeping?

01:06:25 – Do you have any general advice for people looking to learn from you?

01:07:46 – Is it possible for running to become too much of a good thing?

01:12:17 – Is there an established time for a JMT triple?

01:12:45 – How do you get a permit for an FKT on the JMT?

01:14:35 – How does your approach differ based on the length of your race?

01:16:10 – Fuck Marry Kill: 100-mile races

01:18:45 – How did you get your trail name?

01:21:44 – Tell us about your shoes

01:23:06 – Tell us about getting stalked by animals and nearly dying

01:30:55 – Do you alter your course if you see storms coming?

01:31:43 – Tell us about writing the book

01:33:33 – Trigger warning: do you want to tell us about when you attempted suicide?

01:38:30 – What mindset skills do you use?

01:41:30 – Where can people go to follow you?


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