Backpacker Radio 76 | The Ice Age Trail (Luke Kloberdanz from the Ice Age Trail Alliance)

Today we are joined by Luke Kloberdanz, the director of philanthropy at the Ice Age Trail Alliance.  As you may have guessed, we geek out very much about all things Wisconsin, so much so, that Chaunce is convinced to make this the destination of Backpacker Radio’s next road trip.  We talk about Luke’s own thru-hike, the wonderful tradition that is the Wisconsin Fish Fry, the history of this trail, and why it might be the ideal trek during a pandemic.

We address why Chaunce’s face matches her hair, get sucked down a Taco Bell Vortex, announce a new full-time opening at The Trek, and just generally lose our minds toward the end of this episode.  We highly recommend having a PBR handy for this one.



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00:04:38 – QOTD: What color is Chaunce’s face? 

00:07:38 – Can Zach say Luke’s name? 

00:08:13 – How did Luke get involved with the Ice Age Trail?

00:10:06 – How long is the Ice Age Trail? Can you tell us more about it?

00:10:53 – Where does the money to purchase land for the trail come from? 

00:11:41 – Why does the IAT go where it goes? 

00:12:54 – Is the IAT constructed that way because of aesthetics or historical reasons? 

00:16:52 – How was your thru-hike? 

00:19:16 – You were the 11th person to thru-hike the IAT?

00:20:44 – What was the trail like when you hiked (single track vs. road walking)? 

00:20:54 – Is there an official road walk for the portions that aren’t single track? 

00:21:58 – What percentage of days could someone eat a fish fry while thru-hiking the IAT?

00:22:47 – Do you go through a lot of towns on the IAT? 

00:23:33- Is there a traditional route on the IAT (west to east vs. east to west)? 

00:24:25 – Was Spotted Cow a thing during your thru-hike? 

00:25:10 – Can you explain the fish fry? 

00:28:14 – Do you emphasize the cultural aspect of the IAT? 

00:30:30 – Has Chaunce had a fried cheese curd before?

00:30:54 – Can you explain the importance of the squeakiness of a cheese curd? 

00:32:45 – Backpacker Radio Merch

00:33:25 – Does the trail go through Madison?

00:34:30 – What are the campsites like on the IAT? 

00:36:34 – What are the water sources like on the IAT?

00:37:56 – What is the recommended season to hike the IAT? And what is the typical pace? 

00:41:08 – What’s the elevation change like on the IAT? 

00:42:24 – What’s the practicality of hiking the IAT during coronavirus? 

00:45:22 – How does someone get involved with the IAT? 

00:46:40 – What kind of wildlife will people see on the IAT? 

00:47:54 – What does someone do if they encounter a wolf? 

00:49:32 – What is the traditional garnish for a Wisconsin Bloody Mary?

00:52:10 – Are there specific highlights of the IAT? Section hikes you’d recommend? 

00:56:37 – The IAT is for_______?

00:59:14 – [email protected] call the IATA office, etc.



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