Backpacking and Outdoors Gear Made in America

Many companies in the outdoor industry and beyond produce items overseas because of cheap labor and material costs, but that doesn’t mean we can’t support the brands who manufacture domestically.

As long-distance hikers, we spend our time meeting America end-to-end. We encourage local business by supporting local outfitters and food truck offering hiker discounts. We inspire menu items and trail angels. Trail towns thrive because of us. We see the trail as a life-changing experience but we also change the lives of those in trail towns.

Below you will find all the gear companies which produce and sell within the US. Products with a “made in China” stamp might be cheaper but do not help our economy or secure jobs for Americans. Shop local and shop smart. REI has caught on by offering a “made in the USA” filter option while online shopping.

This list is composed of big gear companies and small “cottage industry” gear innovators. Some companies who had once manufactured in America but have switched to foreign manufacturing will not be on this list.

If you see an error in this article, or know of a made-in-America backpacking/outdoors company we’ve left out, please leave a comment and we will add it.


Exxel Outdoors
Haleyville, AL: Sleeping Bags


Springville, AL: Camping cots


Tok, AK: Stoves


Pa’lante Packs
AZ: packs


Bedrock Sandals
Oakland, CA: Running & Hiking Sandals (2019 Badger Sponsorship supporter)

Dirty Girl Gaiters
Orange County, CA: Stylish gaiters

Goleta, CA: Custom molded cases for your device

Ontario, CA: Flashlights

Western Mountaineering
San Jose, CA: Sleeping bags

Wild Ideas
Santa Ynez, CA: Bear canisters

Oru Kayaks
Los Angeles, CA: Kayaks and accessories

Grover Beach, CA: Cycling apparel


Bear Paw Wilderness Designs
Fort Collins, CO: Tents, tarps, shelters

Katabatic Gear
Lakewood, CO: Down Sleeping Bags

Steamboat Springs, CO: Hiking socks and other merino wool apparel

Warbonnet Outdoors
Evergreen, CO: Tarps, hammocks, underquilts

Grand Junction, CO: Sleeping bags

Hummingbird Hammocks
Ultralight hammocks and systems

Seek Outside

Grand Junction, CO: Tents, packs, etc.

Leadville, CO: Outdoor clothing


RBH Designs
West Hartford, CT: Outdoor clothing and accessories


BuzzOff Outdoor Wear
Palm City, FL: Bug Resistant Clothing

Lawson Outdoor Equipment
Port St. Lucie, FL: Outdoor clothing, gear, tent stakes, and other accessories

Naples, FL: Waterproof and weatherproof sacks

Palm Bay, FL: Ultralight packs and accessories


Goosefeet Gear
Milledgeville, GA: Down Booties


Exo Mountain Gear
Boise, ID: Hunting packs

Buck Knives
Post Falls, ID: Knives


Fox River Socks
Osage, IA: Outdoors and backpacking socks. Home of the original Sock Monkey!

Iowa City, IA: Panniers


Hyperlite Mountain Gear
Biddeford, ME: Ultralight-focused stuffsacks, packs, and shelters

Corinna, ME: Alcohol Stoves

Rambler’s Way
Kennebunk, ME: Wool Clothing


Groundbird Gear
Baltimore, MD: Custom made dog gear


Underground Quilts
Jackson, MI: Down quilts

Stormy Kromer
Ironwood, MI: Outdoor Clothing

Superior Wilderness Designs
Backpacks and accessories


Duluth Pack
Duluth, MN: Assortment of Gear

Battle Lake Outdoors
Clarissa, MN: Assortment of gear

Enlightened Equipment
Winona, MN: Down quilts and sleeping bags

Four Dog Stove
St. Francis, MN: Camping and backpacking stoves

Frost River
Duluth, MN: Packs and accessories

Wintergreen Northern Wear
Ely, MN: Outdoor clothing


Etowah Gear
Independence, MO: Assortment of Gear


Duckworth Co
Bozeman, MT: Ethically sourced merino wool clothing and outdoor apparel

Stone Glacier
Bozeman, MT: Hunting and expedition packs

White Box Alcohol Stoves
Great Falls, MT: Alcohol stoves

Outa Ware
Bozeman, MT: Custom made outdoor apparel

New Hampshire

Wild Things
North Conway, NH: Outdoor clothing

Ashland, NH: Merino wool clothing

New Jersey

Trenton, NJ: Flashlights

New Mexico

Little River Packs
Silver City, NM: Packs

New York

Outdoor Equipment Supplier
Rochester, NY: Tarps and camping accessories

Rochester, NY: Durable plastic water bottles and accessories

Tough Traveler
Schenectady, NY: Assortment of different packs, bags, and totes.

North Carolina

Elemental Horizons
Southport, NC: UL backpacks, sleep systems, accessories

LightHeart Gear
Asheville, NC: Ultralight tents; trekking poles, assorted other backpacking gear

Ripstop By The Roll
Durham, NC: Fabrics, DIY kits for tents, tarps, quilts, etc.


Hammock Gear
Lancaster, OH: Hammock systems and accessories

Dream Hammock
Fredericksburg, OH: Custom made hammocks and accessories


Portland, OR: Lightweight, minimalist alpine and bacpacking packs

Portland, OR: Alpine and ultralight-focused clothing

Portland, OR: Boots


The Boiler Werks
Pittburgh, PA: Backcountry Boiler

Williamsport, PA: Packs, clothing, rain gear, and other accessories

OutGear Recreation
Boiling Springs, PA: High-end hammocks and accessories 

Lancaster, PA: DIY hammock and backpacking gear

South Carolina

Tato Gear
York, SC: Stoves, hammock stands, other outdoor hardware

FITS Socks
Charleston, SC: Variety of socks

Terrapin Outfitters
South Carolina (Online Only): Outdoor clothing and gear


Allegiance Footwear
Mountain City, TN: Durable boots and other footwear

Butt In a Sling
Covington, TN: Hammocks and accessories

Yukon Outfitters
Alamo, TN: Hammocks and accessories

Pack Rabbit Products
Garland, TN: Assorted backpacking and day packs

Cedar Ridge Gear

Charlotte, TN: Custom made hammocks, tarps and quilts

Kermit Chair Company 
Red Boiling Springs, TN: Camp chairs


Hurricane, UT: Eyewear Retainers & Eyewear Accessories for the Outdoors

Clark Jungle Hammock
Salt Lake City, UT: Hammocks and accessories

Aquarius Plateau, UT: Alcohol and UL stoves

Springbar Tents
Salt Lake City, UT: Camping tents (not backpacking)

ULA Equipment
Logan, UT: Lightweight backpacks and gear

Titanium Goat
Ogden, UT: Tents, bivies and stoves


Darn Tough 
Northfield, VT: Ultra-durable socks (2019 Badger Sponsorship supporter)


Jacks ‘R’ Better
Yorktown, VA: Hammocks, quilts, shelters with an ultra-light focus

Mountain Laurel Designs
Roanoke, VA: Lightweight backpacking gear

YAMA Mountain Gear
Charlottesville, VA: Tarps, shelters, DIY kits for accessories


Cascade Designs: Seattle, WA      

        MSR – Stoves and backcountry cooking gear
        PlatypusWater bladders/reservoirs 
        Therma-a-RestSleeping pads/air mattresses (2019 Badger Sponsorship Supporter)

        *Cascade Designs also has a manufacturing plant in Midleton, Ireland for the European market

Feathered Friends
Seattle, WA: Sleeping bags, down apparel, and other accessories

Liberty Bottleworks
Yakima, WA: Metal water bottles

McHale Alpine Packs
Seattle, WA: Ultralight alpine and expedition packs

Nanatak Gear
Twisp, WA: Sleep systems

Cloudline Socks
Seattle, WA: Merino wool socks


Open Country Campware
Two Rivers, WI: Camp pots, cookware, and more

Sheboygan, WI: Hiking and backpacking socks

Mosinee, WI: Outdoor accessories


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Comments 90

  • Renee Hoppe : Mar 2nd

    Soul Flower Clothing- Golden Valley, MN
    It’s an eco-friendly clothing company that sells a lot to the granola outdoorsy crowd 😉
    Most items are designed/printed in-house by employees, everything is either fair trade or ethically produced or better for the environment in some way.

    • Doug Beaumont : Nov 24th

      Hilltop Packs, Waynesburg PA
      Awesome comlany and hugely popular not sure how they got missed!

      • Doug Beaumont : Nov 24th

        Oh sorry, old article – but you said you’d update!

  • Nancy : Oct 1st

    I think Minus33 in NH manufactures their merino wool garments in the US.

  • Sue : Dec 7th


    We are trying to connect with US manufacturers of camping/hiking outdoor equipment who are looking to expand internationally into Australia. If you are please let us know. Cheers Sue

    • Josh MacInnes : Jan 31st

      Hi Sue! Duluth, MN may have some outdoor manufacturers that are looking to expand internationally. Duluth, MN is also the furthest inland Port in the US, so we may have some economies to trade/ shipping. Feel free to send me more information about your company and what you are looking for in regards to the type of companies you would like to partner with, and we can see if there may be a fit. Thanks and Cheers!

      Josh MacInnes
      Business Developer
      Business & Economic Development
      City of Duluth
      411 West First Street
      Duluth MN 55802
      p 218.730.5323
      c 317.697.1866
      [email protected]

    • Teresa Downing : Apr 16th

      Hi Sue,

      GO-KOT is interested in expanding into Australia.


    • Steve : Apr 12th

      We have a new emergency first aid product that is designed to stop or slow life threatening lacerations and wounds, FDA approved.
      Let me know if you are interested

  • Lace Thomas : Jan 6th also offers some great deals when it comes to outdoor hammocks.

  • Sprinkles : Jan 27th

    Maryland – Groundbird gear. Tailor made dog backpacks – and they look awesome too!

  • Beyul : Jan 30th

    Check out Beyul, we are a small start up trying to focus on made in the USA outdoor gear and apparel. The site is

  • lkmi : Feb 5th

    Dutch – for hammocks, tarps and all kinds of interesting gadgetry.

  • Tico Duffer : Feb 22nd

    Minnesota (Duluth) – Frost River Reliable Softgoods – Waxed Canvas Briefcases, Canoe Packs, Daypacks, Shoulder Bags, and More!


  • Ron : Mar 28th

    Vere sandal company. Geneva NY

  • Shawn : Apr 17th

    Exo Mountain Gear, Boise, Idaho – backpacks

    Stone Glacier, Bozeman, Montana – also backpacks

  • Erik : May 15th

    Goodhew wool socks, in Tennessee

  • John : May 22nd

    Brooklyn-based Owen & Fred makes only some of their stuff in-house, but they use only US-manufacturers for all their products.

    Mystery Ranch has moved some of their production overseas. See their FAQ at

  • Sydney : Jun 8th

    Exxel uses imported materials and finish the sleeping bags in the US. Do others on this list also use imported materials?

  • Katie Rose : Aug 24th

    Mystery Ranch only makes their military bags in the U.S. now, all other manufacturing has been moved overseas.

    • Steve Clarke : Dec 23rd

      I think Big Sky makes everything overseas.

  • Nathan : Nov 14th

    Out Gear Recreation is another good company to add. They hand make high quality hammocks in Boiling Springs PA.

  • Jake : Dec 1st

    Sheep to shelf out of Minnesota ( If I remember correctly )
    Nice wool products all made in USA!

  • Neil Parker : Dec 8th

    Here’s two more:
    Wild Ideas, Bearikade food canisters
    Oru Kayaks, folding and packable kayaks

  • Pete D : Dec 10th

    I want to thank you. Not only should we support for all the reasons you listed, but as a Catholic, my religion is severely suppressed in China. There is an underground church and pastors and members caught are fined, jailed, or executed. Products are made in near slave labor conditions. I find it disgusting to put an article of clothing on my kids knowing a mom or child was forced to make it. How would we feel if it was our family member in a horrible factory? Never again for me. Thank you. God bless our country and Christ the King. If he reigns, our nation amd manufacturing will be truly great again.

  • Kyle S : Dec 28th in Post Falls, Idaho makes most of the stuff they sell on site. They do import some things they sell, but their factory is in Post Falls.

  • BJ Clark : Mar 6th

    Virginia: Yama Mountain Gear

  • Chris G. : Mar 6th

    Hummingbird Hammocks Colorado.

  • Austin : Mar 6th

    Seattle, Wa based CloudLine makes merino wool hiking socks.

  • Brother Blood : Mar 7th

    Yukon Outfitters in TN makes great hammocks. Bought one in Damascus and used it all the way to Katahdin.

  • Matthew : Mar 7th

    FITS socks are made in the USA

  • Earl Bates : Mar 7th

    Superior Wilderness Designs, Michigan

  • Katie : Mar 10th

    great list! but I would add in Portland, OR!

  • JR M : Mar 10th

    Custom outdoor clothing.

  • JR M : Mar 10th

    Custom outdoor clothing.

  • Jo-al : Mar 12th

    Check out Outdoor Vitals from Utah. They specialize in sleeping bags, quilts etc.

    • MikeC : Apr 9th

      Their stuff is made in China and sent here. They have a youtube video showing their visit to see the manufacturing of the gear.

  • Jason : Mar 28th

    Six Moon Designs
    8250 SW Nimbus Ave.
    Beaverton OR, 97008

    Paria Outdoor Products
    PO Box 201328
    Denver, CO 80220

  • sid@outdoorsportsinfo : Mar 31st

    Hi Madisson, thanks for US companies outdoor gear.So far we know’REI’ is the the popular branded outdoor gear company.I like them.

    • Elma : Oct 16th

      The majority of REI’s products are imported. On their website search box, you have to type in Made in USA. Even then, check the product information to make sure it really is Made in the USA. Sometimes things come up in the search because they have “USA” printed on the front of the shirt.

  • Fieldtex Products Inc. : Apr 28th

    This is a great directory of American-made outdoor gear!

    Fieldtex Products designs and mass produces backpacks and tactical bags, as well as EMS, First Responder, and travel First Aid Kits that would make great supply and medical kits for outdoor adventures.

  • Right Wilson : Jun 8th

    Good Day, My Name is R. Wilson and I am with R.Wilson & Rich Limited. I will like to know if you have or make camping tents for sale. If you do then i will like to know the types you have or make as well as the prices and also if you accept credit card payment. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon


    My info
    R. Wilson & Rich Company Ltd
    601 S San Pedro St,
    Los Angeles, CA 90014
    Right Wilson

  • Nelson Shivel : Jul 29th

    You could add titanium goat to the Utah companies. They make bivies, tents, and stoves.

  • Dan nyc : Aug 3rd

    There is a small company called UrbanMountainPakks, they make cotton and nylon canvas backpacks and accessories for the outdoors, handmade in NY. Each item is made to order for now but man their packs are great,very comfortable.

  • Kat Beyer : Aug 10th

    Great list! I’d add –Bushbuddy, made in Alaska (or so I understand from their site). Spendy but completely worth it, lightweight woodfired stove, incredible for camping, a boil as fast as some gas stoves I’ve used. Obv not useful for places where fire restrictions apply, but excellent otherwise. Now my fave stove I’ve ever used, and that includes MSR Dragonfly, Whisperlite, Coleman car camping stoves, the lot. Thanks for your article!

  • Brian Gilley : Aug 14th

    I’d like to recommend our company,, to add to the list. We not only sells all the needed fabrics like nylon, silnylon, etc. for cottage vendors/manufacturers but also kits for DIY’ers for such things like as hammocks, quilts, tarps, tents, etc. We are located in Durham, NC.

    Many thanks for such a great, ongoing list!

  • eric : Aug 21st

    tough traveler packs. Long time maker of packs and luggage in Schenectady, NY

  • Kumara : Aug 24th

    Danner manufactures hiking/hunting/military boots in Portland, OR.

    • atom : Aug 27th

      greetings: well you have a wounddrful list but..;
      clark hamocks : amarican made in utaha is AWSOME
      seek outside: grandjuction colorade;
      the best back packs on the market;)

  • atom : Aug 27th

    oops: one more;
    voler..they make some amazing cycling gear;)
    in california

  • Joie Gahum : Aug 29th

    Also check roadeavour. They sell good quality outdoor gears for a reasonable price.

  • CAPT GM Andres, USN (ret) : Sep 17th

    I just recently bought an American made off-road mountain bike….frame made in Austin Texas….for over a year previous, I kept my search exclusively to “American made” bicycle frames. While I was somewhat successful, in the end, many of my components were made overseas. Probably impossible these days to stay 100% American. That said, while I usually try to keep my religion separate from my politics, I have to echo Pete D’s Dec. 10th sentiments on clothing made in China.

    Madison….very, very nice effort with this….I am pleased to see the younger (new and improved, I hope?) generation taking an interest in this issue! I hope that you will do a better job with the world than my generation’s broken promises did.

    I may be mistaken with this suggestion….but Xero Shoes (great sandals) out of Boulder Colorado could be added to this list (I think?).

  • Susan : Dec 13th

    Looking for companies to partner with for advertising. . 72 hour bug out bag for 1 person is our main product. Would love to hear from you .

  • Kaozong Scott : Dec 19th

    Ironweed bags is located in Iowa and does all their manufacturing in Iowa as well.

  • Cameron Brown : Dec 21st

    The OUTDOOR INNOVATION SHOW is focused on providing a better experience to vendors, buyers, and the outdoor community in a traditional trade show environment with a huge push in innovation. With our strategic partners and bringing in the buyers that ours vendors specifically request we fill that the ROI on this show is going to be big. We focus on small, start ups that we can bring added service to through these partnerships that we have in place.
    Please contact me at [email protected] thanks so much.

  • Richard in Ohio : Dec 31st

    I found an Ohio company that makes custom hammocks
    ” Dream Hammock LLC”
    Fredericksburg, Ohio
    sent in Jan 1, 2018

  • Warren : Jan 2nd
    Located in Charlotte, TN
    Handmade Hammocks, Tarps, and quilts.
    Specializing in custom, made to order Gear.

  • Tim : Jan 11th

    Appreciate this list of US made gear – Thank You!

  • Cai Dickman : Jan 30th

    Brfur – Outerwear / Outdoor Gear – Made in USA –


  • Teresa Downing : Mar 3rd

    GO-KOT is the best low-profile camping cot on the market…Made in USA Since 1978! We’d love to be included in an update. Thanks!

  • Gabriel : Mar 25th

    My MSR titanium pot says: Made in Thailand

  • Brian Galyon : Mar 29th


    Melanzana from Leadville, CO makes all their gear here in the US. For more info, please visit

    Thank you,

  • Teresa Downing : Apr 16th

    Thank you for keeping and sharing this list. Would you please add the GO-KOT to the list? The GO-KOT camping cot has been made in America since 1978. We manufacture the cot in Springville, AL. You can find us at

  • northwoodscanoe : Apr 18th

    Wintergreen Northern Wear makes indestructible, bug-proof, versatile outdoor clothing out of the small town of Ely, Minnesota.
    Frost River makes excellent packs, based in Duluth, Minnesota.

  • Matt Proctor : Apr 24th

    Over Under Clothing,, is an American Made outdoor clothing company. They are based out of Jacksonville, FL, and they make high quality clothing and gear all in the USA. The only thing they don’t make in the US is their waxed jackets, they make those in England, as that is where the superior waxed canvas comes from.


  • Steve : Aug 20th

    Looking through Topo Design clothing, I see that most of it is made in Vietnam. Can you add a disclaimer to that vendor (similar to the one for Mystery Ranch)?
    Also, Folstaf makes collapsible wading / hiking poles (

  • Maria S Arguelles : Aug 22nd

    Love my Hummingbird Hammock! They’re made in the US also!

  • Paul Bastuscheck : Sep 30th

    Great list! Here are a few more
    Wintergreen Northernware, MN (outdoor apparel)
    Ragged Mountain Equipment (NH) Outdoor apparel
    Granola (TN) backpacks bags

  • Nick : Oct 10th

    Great List! Some I can add.

    Kermit Chair – USA (Not sure what state?)
    Frost River – Duluth, MN (various gear, including awesome canoe packs)

  • Chris Guynn : Oct 10th

    Items to Add

    Pennsylvania: Dutchware Gear
    Utah/Arizona: Pa’lante Packs
    New Mexico: Little River Packs

    Points of contention:

    Enlightened Equipment doesn’t make all of its products in the US.

  • Alan : Dec 27th

    Oklahoma City, Hyke & Byke
    Seems to carry high quality natural down sleeping bags for a great price. Advertises lifetime warranty. Just ordered one so i’ll know more about them soon. Not sure if made on site or not. Has a couple light weight tents also.

  • Brian : Jan 4th

    Of those, which ones use 100% USA sourced materials?

    • Scott : Mar 1st

      I can tell you Tato gear makes and sells a design that he took from the designer.

  • Scott Buff : Mar 1st

    Good morning. How do we get our company listed on your site?
    Thank ya kindly

  • John Gage : Mar 11th

    The Trek,
    Appalachian Gear Company produces performance garments for outdoor adventure activities. We produce all of our products in the USA, and further, we are not a brand marketing company – we actually produce our own fabric in our own facility. Our core products are produced with 100% Alpaca Fiber. We would greatly appreciate being included in your list. If you want to get a better feel for what we do, you can go to our website and social media ; ; IG & FB @appgearco

  • Judo Fire : Mar 27th

    Kifaru Intl based in Colorado for packs, shelters, stoves, and sleep systems.

    Not only is the gear made in the US, all of their materials are sourced here.

  • Dan : Apr 14th

    Katabatic has moved a lot of their down sleeping quilt production to Asia and aren’t currently producing packs, so not really USA made. TarpTent was never produced in Nevada. That’s their office but production was outsourced to a factory in Seattle, Washington. Recently they have started moving most of their tent production to China. Also, Ripstopbytheroll isn’t producing anything. They import fabrics and materials from Asia and re-sell.

    • Jay : Apr 30th

      Yeah this page seriously needs to get their recommendations correct and make much needed amendments ASAP. Very frustrating to be mislead at every turn when you’re seeking out information about subjects only to see the authors of different sites, blogs etc don’t bother to put enough time and effort into facts.

  • Grace Druecke : Apr 29th

    The Chuck Box Camp Kitchen is definitely missing from this list. They’re made in Hastings, MN

  • Candice Morey : May 4th

    corbeaux is a clothing company made in USA

  • Debbie : May 20th

    Some of the companies did not have USA made products. Danner footware, so far.

  • Splash : May 23rd

    I believe QiWiz (, the guy who makes the Firefly titanium stove, etc. is a one-man operation out of his garage.

  • Betty Cunningham : Jun 23rd

    Thank you for this list. I’m finding it increasingly difficult to find usa made products quickly. This helps a lot! Thank you!

  • Thomas Smith : Aug 4th

    My name is Thomas Smith, We are looking for a supplier for the following

    (1) Steel Folding Chair with Fabric Seat and Back————( QTY 1000 Unit)

    I want to know weather you have this iterms available and if so, how much each of the chair would cost.

    Please revert back to me with all relevant information, options, and suitable alternatives.
    Note: In addition to the above,Our company standard Payment terms is Net 30 from the date of supplier with your supplier Invoice.Kindly Send your company credit application form alongside with the quote price for the product above.


    Thomas Smith
    Veritas Technologies LLC
    Procurement Dept.
    500 East Middlefield Road
    Mountain View CA 94043
    Phone: (657) 306-4732

  • Rachel : Jul 16th

    Wenonah makes some of the very best canoes out there. You’ll probably see more Wenonah canoes in the Boundary Waters and Quetico than any others. Made in Winona, Minnesota. It’s a family-run company.

  • Gerald Varner : Mar 7th

    Kool-Dri of Reinholds, PA manufactures rainsuits that are lightweight and packable. They are much better than the china made frogg toggs.

  • James Edmiston : May 17th

    I am a Brit. – your staunchest ally – and agree with so many of your sentiments about buying locally and giving local employment. We have a lot of goods dumped on us from P.R.China. Some of the quality is suspect but always cheap and usually copied from somewhere else.

    My own particular circumstance is that I used to make military small-arms (the Sterling Sub-Machine Gun, and AR-18 Armalite Rifles under licence from Armalite Inc. in Calif. We also used to make air rifles which were big in Europe. Recently we have designed and developed (and patented) a powerful takedown air gun ostensibly for the backpackers’ market weighing c. 1-lb. Because of our ridiculous gun laws, all except the smallest (.177”) calibre are way too powerful for our country. We have decided that the simplest way of getting to the market is to licence all the manufacture to the largest potential market, viz. USA. We feel that a manufacturer in the backpacker’s field might be a better bet than a large small-arms manufacturer who would naturally give preferment to guns firing explosive ammunition.

    Most of the parts can be made by engineering subcontractors, and we can set up the barrel manufacture very economically.

    I would be grateful to hear from any American manufacturer in the outdoors industry who could be interested in entering a fast growing industry, or of any suggestions as to how to proceed further.

  • A. J. Tiller : Oct 8th

    Farm to Feet socks are manufactured in the USA in Mt. Airy, NC. They are made of merino wool sourced in the USA. The offer socks for almost anything from daily wear to hiking. They also come with a warranty. I guess one could say I love my Farm to Feet socks!

  • BB : Apr 8th

    For those of you checking links, I would advise you avoid the link provided for Brfur, at least as of April 2024. It does not lead to the outdoor gear company page (and is inappropriate).

    Just type in “Brfur outdoor gear” into an internet search, and find it that way. As of this post, here is the actual link:


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