Call Me by My Name (Tenday)

Aside from my broken toe, I thought I was prepared for a 2,198.4 mile thru-hike.

I know— that’s a bold statement to make just 48 hours shy of Amicalola Falls. This evening, I sat down with my friend Tennessee Pickle to inquire into the Appalachian Trail’s MLP (Mountain Lion Potential) only to realize a crucial oversight. The Appalachian Trail doesn’t have lions. It has Lyme disease.

Free Feet Pics
Somehow, in all of my pre-hike prep I managed to:

1. Move (back into Mom’s house… ouch).

2. Curate and download the perfect book list. You can find that secret in my grave.

3. End up with a pack that (despite shakedowns) will have the Ultra-Light backpackers quaking in their trail runners.

Don’t worry y’all— I cut the tags off of my gear and melted down my toothbrush. That should offset my thirty pound base weight.

What I didn’t do, however, was research ticks.

Did you know you can Google “map of Lyme desise” (incorrect spelling and all) and the internet will provide you with a heat map of the Appalachian Trail? It’s in my recent search history, should anybody need the proof.

Tennessee Pickle handed me a marked up book on the subject, with the request that I wash my hands in between rubbing my hurt toe and reading about said ticks. My phone notes read “doxy something?” and “premetherine” (in red underline).

Now, you might be thinking:

(Mountain) lions and toes and unknown ticks— oh my!

To which I say:

Don’t forget, it’s also winter.

To which I’d (less sarcastically) add:

I have been here before.

I mean, not literally here. There are no ticks in Colorado. But, I have been in the space of embracing all that I don’t know.

In the height of 2020’s infamous global shutdown, my aunt suggested I hike the Colorado Trail. I laughed. I went to bed. I didn’t even own a pack.

The next morning I had a gear list powered by Google, an emptied bank account (don’t do as I do), zero training, and a start date.

Baby’s 1st Day

500 miles. 3 resupplies. You do the math. I was the girl whose base weight rivaled her body weight. Talk about quaking in your Hoka’s.

According to the internet, the average hiker packs between 3-5 days of food. I could fit ten in my ursack. Close enough.

And with that thought, Tenday was born. Molly… who?

Are you sensing pattern here?

Thankfully, tradition states our trail names follow us. Otherwise, I’d be Toe. Or Lyme. Not funny. I know.

My name “Tenday” embodies my sense humor and willingness to totally commit— even if what I commit to is totally wrong.

My name also marks me as a woman who leaps. Whose confidence allows for loud proclamations of error. Who is humble in what she does not know. Who won’t quit.

I will always be the friend who is never quite prepared. “Best laid plans” and all. Tonight, it was the dreaded ticks. Tomorrow, it might be something even scarier. Still, I will walk. Still, I will still make it thru (pun intended).

I am Tenday. I am 48 hours out from Amicalola. And soon, I’ll be researching ticks in a hostel near you.

Happy Trails,


It’s Called Fashion, Look it Up


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Comments 22

  • kaye cleave : Feb 14th

    Yeah, go Molly, what an adventure you’re embarking on, take care and have a blast ❤️❤️❤️

    • Molly : Feb 14th

      Thank you my dear Kaye ❤️❤️❤️

  • Jenny : Feb 14th

    You got this tenday!, wishing you a successful hike!

    • Molly : Feb 14th

      Thank you so much!!! (:

  • George Preiss : Feb 14th

    Go Tenday! Great blog and good luck

    • Molly : Feb 14th

      Thank you for the positive feedback and the wishes!

  • Stephen : Feb 14th

    Great post and my start date is in 48hrs as well! Hope to see you out there

    • Molly : Feb 14th

      Thanks Stephen!!! See you on the trail (:

  • Crazy Legs : Feb 14th

    Cheering you on “TenDay!”
    Looking forward to following your adventures!

    • Molly : Feb 14th

      Ahhh Crazy Legs! I know who you are. Rebecca brings me to the start tomorrow— we both miss you!

  • David Odell : Feb 14th

    Good luck on your AT hike. Will be looking forward to your posts of your adventure. David Odell AT71 PCT72 CDT77

    • Molly : Feb 14th

      Thank you so much David!!! Can only hope to rack up those three someday myself (:

  • Banta : Feb 14th

    Molly Odd-Socks!

    You be careful out there … I saw on the tv the other night that there might be a “cocaine bear” in them woods! Just kidding – I’m sure you can handle whatever lies ahead. (Don’t forget … six inches deep!)

    • Molly : Feb 14th

      Ron Thoreau— I think I saw the SAME thing. Wild world we’re living in. (Thanks for the reminder… can you imagine?!)

  • Katy Flinn : Feb 14th

    So excited to follow along your journey, Molly!! Wishing you the very best! May this be a meaningful and healthy journey for you!

    • Molly : Feb 15th

      Katy! Thank you so much for your sweet wishes. ❤️

  • Sydney : Feb 16th

    Ahh yes Tenday!!!!!!!! Sending all the positive vibes your way!!

    • Tenday : Feb 24th

      Tenday here— thank you so much!!!

  • patrick : Feb 19th

    tenday vlog do it doooo eeeeeeet

    • Tenday : Feb 24th

      Patrick!!! Maybe… I have to get back on trail first. And I’d have to figure out the whole YouTube thing…. -Tenday

  • Draggin’ Tail : Feb 19th

    TenDay, on your wit alone I have no doubt. You will have a great saunter. ~D.T.

    • Tenday : Feb 24th

      Hey Draggin’

      A compliment to my wit is the highest form of praise I could hope for. Thank you for this.


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