Night Before the Colorado Trail

 Back to the Original Plan


After day hikes on the CDT, longer day hikes in more local areas and a lot of contemplation, Also, a slight injury setback made me second guess the extra wear and tear I’d be enduring by starting on the CDT.   I’ll be starting the Colorado Trail on June 23rd, or, right around the time this is posted.  There was no ssnse in making my first thru hike harder than it had to be.  My starting point will become something  I will explore later this year.  An extra 130 or so miles, although beautiful, was not worth it.

At the end of the day, 485 miles is already far enough for me. Maybe the other areas are better saved for after the Coloardo Trail and if I have some gas left in the tank.

What started out as wanting to expand on an already amazing thru hike such as the Colorado Trail eventually became what it started out as years ago.  Once I realized this, I knew it’s best to just leave the extra stuff for later and start the Colorado Trail.  It will eventaully be a great section to hike and explore, but I’ll just keep it simple for now.


  Still The One

When I found out about the Colorado Trail years ago, I was instantly attracted to it.  I kept hiking day hikes and exploring further because I knew there was this awesome long distance hike just waiting out there.  Gathering the gear, the hiking strength and stamina, it finally became a reality within the last few years.  Having confidence in my hiking ability made me believe I could do a thru hike, so maybe it’s best to start the one trail that’s been my goal all along.


Having read blogs, books, researched the topics, hiked with and without my pack, I think I’m finally ready to go.  I’ve looked forward to this trail for a long, long time.   The views, the mountains, the pristine alpine lakes.  Maybe that’s why I wanted to add another 130 miles or so to my first thru hike.  Seeing not just the stars, but all of the stars from 12,000 feet is going to be sweet.  Getting over the first hills, up the mountains and to the first views is going to be a nice reward for the miles put in just to be able to do this thru hike.


   Night Before the Colorado Trail, Long Way to The Top to Rock and Roll


It’s finally here, even though the plans changed and evolved, in the long run, it’s for the better.  The Colorado Trail was the catalyst for this whole lifestyle change and the moment has arrived to go from day hiker to thru hiker.  There’s a lot of excitement pulsing through my veins right now.  There’s really no way to put into words everything I’m feeling.  There’s excitement, nervousness, happiness all mixed into one.  Having anticipated this hike for years now and everything that led me to this point helps me appreciate this moment.  All I have to is breath and hike.

It’s been a long road to get here and it only gets longer, although way prettier with more views.  As a great rock band once said, it’s a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll.

That’s it for now folks, see you out there on the Colorado Trail. SloRide signing out.






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