Backpacker Radio #181 | The Real Hiking Viking’s 5,000 Mile Bikepacking Tour on Great Divide Mountain Bike Route and Western Wildlands Route

In today’s episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, we are joined yet again by our resident yeti, Jabba aka The Real Hiking Viking aka The Hiking Viking Liking Biking. Jabba gives us the full rundown on his recent 5,000 mile bikepacking trip on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route and The Western Wildlands Route. We learn how this journey came to form due to a pair of injuries early on in the year, how bikepacking compares to thru-hiking in Jabba’s eyes, legs, and heart, the biggest pros and cons of bikepacking vs. thru-hiking, a story of how Tom bunked up with a 73 year old thru-hiker for a few nights, and much more. This goes without saying anytime Jabba is on the show, but this one is wild, and doubly so today as the team was fighting a round of nasty hangovers inspired by Palooza weekend.

We wrap the show with a triple crown of the worst jobs to be hungover for, we pin Mara vs. Rachel in a new game show to test their knowledge of Backpacker Radio history, people chug raw eggs, and more.

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Interview with Jabba, the Real Hiking Viking

Time stamps & Questions

00:04:19 – QOTD: Did you lose any bets recently?

00:12:37 – QOTD 2: Did you have a designated popcorn/vomit bowl?

00:15:45 – Introducing Jabba, kind of

00:16:42 – Tell us about how you started your adventures in 2022.

00:18:29 – What was your injury at the start of the CDT?

00:19:18 – Jabba’s motel room bunkmate

00:24:04 – Was biking originally part of the plan?

00:27:57 – Where was the fun part of bike packing?

00:28:43 – What are your personal pros and cons of bike packing?

00:32:24 – Tell us about your bike and fixing equipment.

00:36:15 – Can you describe what a tubeless tire is?

00:38:36 – Story about the first two days of biking

00:41:19 – Would you describe your brand partnerships as a net negative or positive?

00:44:50 – Discussion about biking technique

00:47:35 – Discussion about overuse injuries and healing

00:49:35 – Do you have future hiking plans?

00:53:28 – Tell us about your Patagonia trip in 2023.

00:56:50 – Biking vs hiking: big mile days

01:00:45 – Discussion about making biking comfortable

01:05:15 – Quadzilla’s quads

01:05:57 – What did you add or upgrade during the trip for comfort or hygiene?

01:09:01 – Story about Eureka

01:12:09 – Tell us about the 9 day stretch when you weren’t alone.

01:15:38 – Biking vs hiking: being solo or with others

01:17:15 – Describe the Western Wildlands Route

01:23:29 – Did you veer off the route?

01:25:20 – Any other standout days or moments?

01:29:30 – Biking vs hiking: adrenaline rushes

01:32:38 – Biking vs hiking: budget and costs

01:34:31 – Fuck Marry Kill: thru-hiking, bike packing, college football

01:36:58 – What was your worst injury from the trip?

01:41:00 – Did you wear clip in shoes?

01:43:47 – Would you recommend thru-hiking or bikepacking to someone more?


Triple Crown of worst jobs to show up to hungover

Trivia: Mara vs. Rachel

Mail Bag

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