The Calm Before the Storm: Nearing the End

Almost done. Two towns lie between me and the Northern Terminus. The resupply options aren’t the best so we’ve sent packages there. The trail gods smile upon me as the end comes into view. Here’s more of the process.

Day 127 (Continued)

After breakfast, we went back to the hut to get ready for getting back on trail and hanging out. There were some Altra trail runner shoes that someone had left that were used, but were in better shape than mine so I tried them on. The trail gods were with me and like Cinderella, they were a perfect fit. And if they did belong to a SOBO hiker who left them here, then they were lucky shoes. They had gotten a hiker at the start of their journey from the border to this town and by golly they were going to get another hiker at the end of his journey back to the border. Not many shoes start and end a thru-hike.

Old shoes

Old shoes.

Lucky Shoes

Lucky shoes.

Ate some dinner and then played some cards until going to see the Lion King. We got there a bit early so we got some ice cream out of a waffle cone. Which might be my favorite way to eat ice cream. I really enjoyed the movie more than I thought I would. The music was as great as I remember and the visual effects were incredible. It felt like I was watching a nature documentary with a really good story and music. Planned around a fire closure and narrowed down the end date until bed when we got back.

Day 128

Woke up and packed up. Got a ride from a trail angel up toward the trail. She dropped us off and hiked back up to trail. Hung out with everybody till I outpaced them up to the trail. Sweets caught me and we leapfrogged for the day. Made it to a spring with a great view and Wraps and Link showed up. Hung with them for a bit before pushing on. Filled up and ran into Sweets at a junction for an alternate. Set up camp and ate and slept.

Trail views

Day 129

Woke up as Sweets was leaving. Packed up and got out. Took an alternate through some gorgeous forest. I love how quiet a dense forest can be. There was a confusing section on Guthook but on trail it was straightforward. Took a break for lunch and pushed on. Another new section that dropped onto some roads. Filled up some water as I was unsure what the water situation would be farther on. Pushed along until I stopped for dinner. There was a lot of service this section so I watched some TV. Pushed a bit farther till I set up for bed.

Day 130

Montana sunrise

Got up and out early. Walked into the sunrise, which was gorgeous. I’ve really enjoyed this section immensely. Pushed until the highway and hitched in. Met Sweets at a nice coffee shop and walked around the downtown, waiting for the others to show up. Met them at some food and then went to resupply. Got back to the hotel and showered and packed food. It’s going to multiple towns so will head to the post office tomorrow. Got some pizza and hung out for the evening till bed.

Day 131

Slept in a bit and ate the rest of the pizza for breakfast. Swapped some socks out at the gear store and sent the resupplies off to the next few towns. Chores being done, we hung out until a midday showing of the newest Tarantino movie. I really enjoyed it, quite classic Tarantino. Got some barbecue for lunch and came back to the hotel to chill. A chill evening before heading back out tomorrow. Only two town stops left.

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