Making It Work

We feel incredibly lucky to be able to piece together any kind of long distance hiking this season. In all probability, we will NOT be able to thru-hike the entirety of the Continental Divide Trail in one season. We are going to hike as much of it as we can.

The advent of COVID-19 has lifted logistics to an art form. All our previous planning has been tossed out the window. As a result, rather than starting from the Mexican border and walking north to Canada, we are starting in Rawlins, Wyoming, and heading north… as far as we can.

The CDT is already remote and challenging, but this season I expect it will be even more so. Some may already be getting their panties in a bunch, thinking, that we are “selfish” or even “reckless” for even hiking. I can assure you, we are neither. 

Tick Tock

We could have started as originally scheduled in April. But we didn’t, out of an abundance of caution and respect. The simple truth of why we are even hiking this season is our age. Like it or not, our window of opportunity to do hikes like this is narrowing. We don’t want to hasten our death, but we don’t want to halt our life either. Remember, tick-tock tick-tock.

COVID-19 Precautions

With that being said, we have prepared our resupply boxes. This means town stops/visits along the way will be kept to a minimum. We have plenty of hand sanitizer, and are prepared with face coverings to wear as appropriate and necessary.

The Continental Divide Trail Coalition’s web page is updated regularly. This will enable us to stay up to date on closures and notices. Our financial situation provides us with the means to hunker down if necessary for a couple of weeks. Being innately resourceful is also a plus.

Current Plan

The current plan is to at least complete the state of Wyoming. And depending on how things (COVID-19) are going will determine where we go from there. If anything, this will be a LASH (long ass section hike).

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Comments 4

  • Rosanna Brost : Jul 16th

    Looking forwards to following your posts, OneSpeed! I swear that I can feel the silent judging scowls of people thinking that I’m bad for thruhiking this year, but just like you I’m taking precautions. Wishing you guys all the best!!

  • Arlene (EverReady AT 2015) : Jul 19th

    I am enjoying your posts and your adventure. I understand the concern about age (tick tock..) and trying to thru hike all the great trails before your body starts to fail. I am now 65 and thru hiked the AT in 2015. In 2017, I thru hiked the John Muir Trail. Last year I hiked the Chilkoot Pass followed by completing the West Coast Trail in British Columbia, Canada. All this to say, you can hike well into your 60s – just be smart about training and keep your pack weight to below 35 lbs. Best of luck!

    • OneSpeed : Jul 30th

      Thank you. We are still going strong and are cognizant of the health of others. We have found everyone on the trail and in towns we have entered to be encouraging and happy we are here, with all of us taking proper precautions.

    • OneSpeed : Jul 30th

      Pack weight so far on the CDT is a challenge especially between resupplies and certain water carries. I (we) plan to hike long and “short” trails as long as we are able. So much to see and experience!


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