Day 3

Tough Day

This day is tough.  Three mountain climbs.  I like to rest at the tops while Becky wants to rest in the gaps between.  So it gives us a little time apart.  I think I am at the top of the third one now.  Just resting and waiting for Becky.  A lot of people have passed us today.  Claus walked with us until the first gap.  We all stopped to eat but then after he got in front I haven’t seen him since.

A lady walking her dogs looks fresher than any of us.  She gave us some water.  It was tap and we could really taste the difference between that and the spring water from the last few days.  She said her trail name was Four Legged Momma.

Gooch Shelter

The sun has been brutal.  A few people in short sleeves or shorts have really been baked.  I’m in long sleeves and pants and taking it easy in the shade of a tree trunk right now.  No leaves to help shade us yet.  Whenever I stop it seems like Becky catches up only a short time later.  She has the same opinion about the time being quick between our separations.

We pass a creek crossing where it looks like an excellent place to camp but we told Claus we would meet him at Gooch.  Just a little over a mile farther we reach the shelter. The shelter was supposed to hold about 12 people inside and 7 additional tents. The shelter was packed and at least 20 tents. Then a Boy Scout troup walked up. They decided to get water and move along.

We spoke with Claus and fIrst thing we discussed was heading into town the next day. I’m not sure what town. I haven’t been paying attention to the plan we made before coming.  I’m exhausted.

My Favorite Pants Turn Against Me

The constant up and down travel has caused my favorite hiking pants to rub the top of my knees raw.    They look like I just hit puberty with 20 zits on each knee.  I’m concerned because I’ve had MRSA before and zits resemble the starting point.  I give them a wipe down and apply triple antibiotic ointment and hope for the best.

We had some permethrin applied to some of our hiking clothes before leaving.  That is supposed to be a deterrent for ticks and such.  I guess my sensitive skin just didn’t like the combination of treatment with sweat.  I’ll be rocking the shorts until further notice.

Bad Omen

We fixed our dinner while conversing with the crowd.  A lot more international hikers than I expected.  Now it is only 7 o’clock and I’m ready for bed.  I decided to get water and call it a night. Becky, of course, is in the middle of the main conversation.

Before I head off Claus motions to me about another German at the shelter.  He is loud.  Becky mentions being stationed in Germany during her Army years and he disregards her location as Bavaria.  Claus describes him as a bad citizen of Germany.  I just get the impression that he likes to hear his own voice.  When I wake up we will just put distance between us.  Problem solved.

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