Introducing the 2020 Badger Sponsorship Winners

This year, The Trek is revamping the Badger Sponsorship to support eight 2020 thru-hikers with altruistic intentions. We searched for aspiring PCT, AT, CDT, or other long trail hikers who were giving back to the trail and our community. Geared up with over $10,000 of brand-spanking new products from some of the most respected brands in backpacking, these applicants will be using their new swag for good. Our winners are hiking to bring awareness, visibility, and advocacy for a myriad of groups that may not have yet been represented on the trail.

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zoe greenhouse

Zoe Greenhouse

Bio: As a worldschooler, I called everywhere from Guatemala to France home until sixth grade, when I decided I wanted to be normal. I spent the next five years at school, but in tenth grade finally realized traditional education wasn’t for me. Since then, I’ve been planning my solo thru-hike on the Pacific Crest Trail. My goals are to complete the trail, document the journey, set myself up for a lifetime of adventure, and inspire others to pursue their dreams. When I reach Canada, I will be only 17 years old.

Trail: PCT

Direction: NOBO

How Zoe plans on being a force for positivity: View here

Follow Zoe on Instagram: @zoegreenhouse

Myron Sailors

Bio: Hi, my name is Myron Sailors! I’m 23 years old and hiking the AT in my gap year between undergrad and medical school. I’m hiking because hiking the AT has been a dream of mine since I was in high school. I want to use my hike to bring awareness to the lack of diversity in the hiking community and help start conversations about climate change and the importance of protecting our planet.

Trail: AT

Direction: NOBO

How Myron plans on being a force for positivity: View here

Follow Myron on Instagram: @mlas1996

Gail Muller

Bio: I’m a hiker and teacher from Cornwall, UK, who hiked my first long trail last year—the AT southbound. I had always wanted to long-distance hike, but became very sick for a long time and was told I would probably lose the ability to walk. I refused to give up, found a cure, and have now decided to hike all the long trails I can, inspiring others who are in similar situations that there are no limits and there’s always a way through. I’m passionate about the ability of nature to heal, bring joy, and help build community, so you’ll find me outdoors—usually smiling and making new friends along the way.

Trail: PCT

Direction: SOBO

How Gail plans on being a force for positivity: View here

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Kirby Morrill

Bio: I’m Kirby, but you can call me Arlo. I’ll also respond to Toque. I’m a lifelong, multi-pursuit dirtbag and marine biologist on a mission to march these feet from Georgia to *almost* home, the Canadian Maritime region. I’m hiking because a) I’ve always wanted to do so, b) as living proof that you can’t keep hikers from hiking, at least not for long, and c) my mother always said I was a “stubborn git,” and I wouldn’t doubt my mother.

Trail: AT

Direction: NOBO

How Kirby plans on being a force for positivity: View here

Follow Kirby on Instagram: @kirbedenthusiasm

Dana Anvari


Hello! I’m Dana, an Iranian-American backpacker, born in Iran and raised in sunny California in the United States. I am thrilled to be hiking the Pacific Crest Trail this spring and am looking forward to sharing my culture with you as I embark on this adventure. I’d love for you to join me on my journey!


سلام. من دانا هستم، یه کوله‌گرد ایرانی‌آمریکایی. تو ایران به دنیا اومدم و تو کالیفرنیای آفتابی تو ایالات متحده بزرگ شدم. بسیار خوشحالم از این که قراره مسیر پاسیفیک کرست رو پیاده‌گردی کنم و مشتاقم که در این سفری که میرم، فرهنگم رو با شما در میون بذارم. با من تو این سفر همراه باشید. اینستاگرام: @DanaAnvari


Trail: PCT

Direction: NOBO

How Dana plans on being a force for positivity: View here

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Skeeter Sato

Bio: I started hiking a few years ago and fell in love immediately. It is an entire world of comfort, of solace, of bliss, of freedom, but also a closed door for many marginalized communities. As a queer, non-binary, mixed person of color, I rarely find people who look like me on the trail. I hope to raise awareness and increase diversity in the outdoors, and consequently, inspire others to dive into the beauty of the wilderness, no matter when/how/where you start.

Trail: PCT

Direction: NOBO

How Skeeter plans on being a force for positivity: View here

Follow Skeeter on Instagram: @moskeetr

Katie Smith

Bio: Hello! I’m Katie. I live in Seattle, Washington, on Duwamish and Puget Sound Salish territory. I enjoy spending my time either waist deep in powder, sweating from an endurance sport, or stashing up on snacks. I’m hiking the PCT this year to move my body and be outside. I’m excited to walk alone with my thoughts, meet new people, and work toward creating a more inclusive trail.

Trail: PCT

Direction: NOBO

How Katie plans on being a force for positivity: View here

Follow Katie on Instagram: @katiefromcanada

Josh Rios

Bio: Hi everyone, I’m Josh Rios and I’m 25 years old. In October 2019 my brother Caleb sadly took his own life. He was an Army veteran, father, and one of the best people I’ve ever known. I’m hiking to raise money and bring awareness to help prevent veteran suicide since I’ve found out this happens on average 22 times a day. Also, I’m hiking to show everyone, even while I’m grieving, that through nature and as a community we can heal and stay strong together. I’m hiking until my feet are strong enough to carry the heaviness of my heart and theirs.

Trail: American Discovery Trail

Direction: East to west

How Josh plans on being a force for positivity: View here

Follow Josh on Instagram: @knockoffmcconaughey

The Sponsors

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  • Wow : Feb 8th

    Wow, so terribly, disgustingly, woke. Except Josh. Actually trying to save lives, and caring about people regardless of their immutable characteristics. Sorry for your loss, and good luck.

  • Kelly McDonald : Feb 8th

    Congrats to everyone and happy trails


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