Kammok Bobcat 45 Degree Down Trail Quilt Review

I jumped at the opportunity to review the summer-ready, ultralight Kammok Bobcat 45 trail quilt. It weighs just over a pound, and the design of the quilt makes it possible to really push the lower temperature limit.

Furthermore, it’s an incredibly versatile piece. Though the focus of my review is how it works for backpacking, it can also be worn as a poncho around camp, used as an extra blanket for car camping, or as an underquilt for a hammock setup.

Though I initially expected to stash this away in my car camping kit, I’m truly excited to use this all summer in the Utah backcountry. Whenever the temperature lows are 40ish degrees or higher, I know I’ll be comfortable in the Bobcat quilt.

Kammok Bobcat 45 Backpacking Trail Quilt

MSRP: $199.00
Temperature rating: 45 degrees F
Total weight: 20 ounces (quilt weight) | 26 0z (including stuff sack, storage bag, sleeping pad straps, conversion kit)
Length: 83.5”
Width: 55”
Stuffed volume: 12.6” x 6.3”
Fill: Downtek™ 600 FP Duck Down – Responsible Down Standard
Lining/shell fabric: Atmos X™ 20D ripstop nylon with a DWR waterproof shell
Accessories: Roll top stuff sack, cotton storage sack, 2 sleeping-pad attachment straps, underquilt conversion kit

Circumstances of Review 

kammok bobcat 45

Car camping outside of the Grand Canyon in late April. Temperature lows around 40, I was comfortable with the rain fly off.

I’ve taken this quilt on a few trips into the Utah backcountry to test the lower end of the temperature limit. Additionally, I’ve used it solo and as an extra camp blanket on a few car camping trips in the Utah desert. I will note that I use a sleeping pad with a 4.0 R-value, which definitely stretches the lower temperature limit.

Great Option for Summer Backpacking and Car Camping

If you live somewhere with ample access to summer backpacking or are planning a warm-weather thru-hike, the Bobcat quilt is a wonderful, affordable option to round out your sleep system. Furthermore, with a warmer sleeping pad (2.0+ R-value), the lower end of the temperature limit can be pushed to 35-40 degrees. This would be great for a PCT section hike through the desert for example, where you want to travel fast and light.

Another main use of this quilt for me has been car camping. I absolutely love using it as a blanket around the fire, and as an extra layer in my tent. Camp blankets are one of those pieces of gear I love to have but struggle to justify purchasing, so having a backpacking quilt that doubles as an excellent blanket instantly upped my car camping game.

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Key Features

kammok bobcat 45

Poncho mode: activated. I really won’t need a down jacket for Utah summer trips.


As I’ve already noted, one of the biggest upsides to this quilt is its versatility in the summer months. I’m planning to bring it on pretty much every summer adventure that includes sleeping outside, spending time around a fire, or even enjoying an adult beverage in a park. Its convertible design easily transforms the quilt into any of these options:

  • Backpacking quilt. With a closable toe box and sleeping pad straps, this functions as a quilt for backpacking. It’s rated down to 45 degrees Fahrenheit, but with my four-season sleeping pad and a solid puffy jacket I’ve stretched it down to 35-40 degrees.
  • Camp poncho. There is a slit in the middle of the quilt that converts it into a wearable poncho. This means that ultralight backpackers can ditch a puffy jacket, or you can wear it simply for style points. I also like the snap closure as opposed to a velcro closure, which can be tricky to line up perfectly.
  • Camp blanket. Down quilts most definitely beat my $20 target fuzzy blanket when it comes to handling dirt and fire smoke. I’ve had a friend snag this from me more than once on car camping trips.
  • Hammock underquilt. I’m not a hammocker, so this is the one feature I haven’t tried. However, the quilt comes with a hammock underquilt conversion kit, and based on the reviews on Kammok’s site the temperature rating is accurate and it’s easy to set up.


This quilt only comes in one length, but it’s plenty of room for my 5’10 body. In fact, I have the long version of the Enlightened Equipment Revelation Quilt and it’s 84″, while the Bobcat is 83.5″. I love stretching myself long and having extra material to snuggle with, so the length is definitely a plus for me.


Already, I’ve been able to toss this thing around camp. The material is incredibly strong and doesn’t feel like it has to be babied, especially when compared to my other 20-degree quilt. However, this does make it slightly less soft to the touch. When considering a product you are able to use in many different circumstances, durability and longevity are key. Kammok uses the AtmosX 20D ripstop material which can (and has) taken a few snags while being toted around camp.


The Kammok Bobcat 45 compared to a 1.5 liter Nalgene bottle.

This quilt packs down pretty dang small. The package comes with a roll-top stuff sack, so you can really squeeze it down if you’re short on space. For a budget quilt, I was impressed with how packable it is.

Sleeping Pad Strap System

With the quilt toe box closed and the sleeping pad strap system in full play, this quilt temperature rating extends beyond 45 degrees for me. I’ve only felt the need to use the strap system once, however, on a 40-degree night outside the Grand Canyon. Otherwise, with just the toe box closed and a couple snaps around my legs I’m able to snuggle myself in well enough to keep out drafts.

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Kammok Bobcat 45 Pros

kammok bobcat 45

Not a pro that deserves its own paragraph, but I also love the color 🙂

Length: When I’m relying on just a quilt in the backcountry, I want it to cover my entire body comfortably. The 83″ length on this quilt is more than enough even with the toe box closed, and I’m 5’10.

Price: Though the temperature rating on this quilt limits its versatility, $199 is totally reasonable for an extra piece to round out your summer setup. Furthermore, its poncho and toe box convertibility put it above camp blanket competition like Rumpl blankets.

Versatility: The Bobcat quilt has found its way into my car for pretty much every camping and backpacking trip I’ve taken over the last few months. It’s been a fan favorite amongst my friends around the campfire, and when the temperature cooperates it’s perfect for backpacking.

Kammok Bobcat 45 Cons

Lack of loft: Even though it’s intended to be a summer quilt, I love having something soft to snuggle. In this realm, nothing I’ve used compares to my EE Revelation quilt, which I use at home over the winter for extra coziness. The Bobcat uses only 600 fill-power down, and “cozy” is not a word I use to describe it. However, in the Utah desert when the lows hover around 70 I really don’t want much loft on my body anyways.

Finnicky toe box: More than once I’ve had trouble with the toe box staying closed. The design isn’t quite as intuitive in the toe box as other quilts I’ve used, but after a few trips I figured out a way to make sure it (mostly) stays closed.


The downside of a cozy quilt is how hard it can be to pack it up in the morning

I’m stoked to have this quilt in my summer backpacking kit. It’s absolutely perfect for desert trips, where you want something over your body but can’t stand any sort of heat. Furthermore, it’s proven that it can handle high elevation trips in the Utah Wasatch Range backcountry with lows anywhere from 40-50 degrees. Depending on the forecast, I’m hoping to use this quilt for a Uinta Highline Trail thru-hike later this summer. It’s lightweight, packable, versatile, and durable enough to hold its own against other comparable products.

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Comparable Products 

Hammok Gear Economy Burrow 40F

MSRP: $169.95
Weight: 17.7 oz
Length: 74″
Width: 50″

Rumpl Down Puffy Blanket*

MSRP: $249.00
Weight: 19 oz
Length: 75″
Width: 52″

*note: this is not a traditional backpacking quilt with a foot box option, but can be used as a lightweight sleep system for similar summer weather.

Enlightened Equipment Rev-Hole-Ation 40F

MSRP: $305.00
Weight: 18.21 oz
Length: 84″
Width: 58″

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The Kammok Bobcat 45 quilt was donated for purpose of review. 

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  • JhonY : Jun 29th

    Absolutely love it. Especially the neck hole. I have something similar and only of the very few pieces of military gear, besides a P-38 can opener, that I can recommend (After 20 years in the military, I know most of their stuff is crap). is called a WOOBIE, a/k/a Poncho Liner. Usually on Amazon for under $50.
    Having said all that, and knowing what I know now, I would buy the Bobcat —
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting. Wonder how long I can resist?

  • Drew Boswell : Jun 30th

    Since my initial comment was taken down, I’ll just try again.

    Another, and probably better comparison product in addition to the three you listed at the end of your article, would be the Jacks ‘R Better Sierra Stealth quilt. Jacks ‘R Better pioneered the wearable quilt with head hole probably twenty years ago with the Sierra. The current Sierra Stealth is priced at $199.95, weighs 18.5 ounces, filled with 800 fp down and is rated to 40 degrees.


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