LiteAF EcoPak Curve Frameless Backpack Review

Have you ever wanted to design the pack of your dreams? With the LiteAF Curve Frameless Ultralight Backpack, you can do just that. The world is your oyster as far as what features and colors your pack can have, all while staying ultralight.

I’m the type of person who could spend hours drooling over a good customization tool and debating the endless options. If that sounds like you too, you’ll love making this pack your own.

LiteAF EcoPak Curve Frameless At-a-Glance

MSRP: Starting at $255
Capacity: 35L (available in 20, 30, 35, & 40L) + 15L of external pockets
Weight: 15-20.1oz
Materials: EcoPak EPLX200 body with UltraStretch Mesh front pocket
Weight Limit: Designed to comfortably carry around 20 lbs

Intended Use

This is an ultralight frameless backpack with practically unlimited customization options. It’s best for folks who already pack light and know exactly what features they’re looking for in a pack. It’s popular among ultralight thru hikers and those who want super fun and funky color options.

LiteAF also offers a framed version of this pack if a frameless pack isn’t for you.

Circumstance of Review

I tested this backpack on multiple short weekend backpacking trips for a total of around seven days of hiking.  I took it out in varying conditions including heat and some rain. On average, I was carrying about 15-20 pounds. On one trip, I carried 6 liters of water, which may have put the pack weight a bit over the recommended 20-pound limit for a comfortable carry.

LiteAF EcoPak Curve Frameless Features

Many of the features listed below are optional add-ons and are marked as such.

Bottom Pocket (Optional): Everyone loves a good bottom pocket, and I liked this one plenty. It has a large open side, and the other end is closed with a smaller opening in one corner. It’s made with lycra mesh — as opposed to the UltraStretch mesh on the front pocket.

Shoulder Strap Pockets (Optional): These are also made with lycra and are optional on either side. I like using these for a bandana or an extra snack, but they are designed to fit a 700mL water bottle.

Upper Side Pockets (Optional): I wasn’t sure if I would find these useful, but I actually liked them a lot. I used one pocket for stakes and another for my first aid kit. Only something small and relatively flat will fit in these pockets. Extra pockets are always nice to have — they help keep the clutter down in the main compartment and the mesh pocket.

Sit Pad and Sleeve (Optional): I specifically requested this feature, and I love it. Not only does the pad provide extra comfort on your back, but it’s so useful for breaks. The design is great. The sit pad slides in and out of the sleeve easily and is the perfect thickness for comfort. This is probably my favorite feature of the pack.

Top Y Strap (1/2″ webbing and buckle) & top buckle roll top closure with 2 KAMsnaps: The Y-Strap is great if you ever need to carry something on the top of your pack like a bear can or a water bladder. It will securely hold it in place. The KAMsnaps are a great closure as well — I much prefer these to the velcro that some packs use.

Lower V Loop with Dual Lineloc 3 Adjusters: This is a great, easy-to-use feature for all foam pad users. It can also be easily removed if you don’t need it. 

Attachment Options for Hip Belt or Fanny Pack: Once again, there are so many options here. I tried the pack with a removable padded hip belt and with a fanny pack as the hip belt, both of which were graciously included with the pack for this review.

I prefer to use a hip belt in most scenarios, but going without is an option. In any case, the padded hip belt was very comfortable. I was surprised by how much I liked the attached fanny pack as well. It was plenty comfortable, and worth the slight pain of having to watch it swinging when you took the pack on and off.

Seam-Taped/EcoPak: The EcoPak EPLX200 used with this pack has so many advantages. It’s waterproof and durable, made from recycled materials, and recyclable. I’m a big fan of this fabric.

UltraStretch Mesh Front Pocket: The UltraStretch mesh is an extremely durable material, and the front pocket is quite large and adds a lot of extra space to the pack. The UltraStetch isn’t quite as stretchy as lycra, so it does require some shoving to get things in.

Daisy Chain on Shoulder Straps: This allows you to attach anything you want to your shoulder straps. It’s perfect for an inReach or accessories like a phone pouch.


What makes the LiteAF Curve stand out is how you can design it to be the pack of your dreams. It can have any feature you want, and none that you don’t. Don’t forget all the fun patterns and colors, either. My pack was just black (so no worries for folks who don’t want something loud), but if you check out the LiteAF site, there are so many color options.

All of the pack feature options are great too, and I tried out just about all of them. My pack had a bottom pocket, ice axe loop, one shoulder strap pocket, sit pad sleeves and a sit pad, and two upper side pockets. It was truly awesome to be able to design something perfect for my needs, like being able to choose one shoulder strap pocket on the right side.


The three-inch S-shaped shoulder straps on this pack are extremely comfortable, even after a long day on trail. Having the sit pad against my back also gave me some extra cushion. I’ve used a LiteAF pack without the sit pad before and found that to be plenty comfortable as well.

Each hip belt option I tried was perfectly comfortable as well. I carried 6L of water while using this pack in the desert, including a 2L bladder strapped to the top of my pack, and it still carried like a dream. 


At 35L in the main body, this pack felt larger than expected. I only ever carried three days of food but felt like I could easily add another couple days’ worth if needed. I was also able to fit a BearVault BV450 in the pack with no issues. A BV500 would likely fit inside as well, but could also be strapped to the top if it was a tight fit.


The EcoPak material gives me confidence in the durability of this pack. I haven’t put the pack through a whole season yet, but it did spend time in the Utah desert with plenty of sand, which can cause wear and tear quickly. So far, there have been no signs of wear whatsoever.

The UltraStretch mesh is also extremely strong, so I have no worries about it tearing. My only concern with the UltraMesh is that it retains the shape of what is held in it and seems like it could stretch out over time. While extremely durable, it’s not as stretchy as other meshes, like lycra.

The bottom pocket is also surprisingly strong for lycra mesh and holds up really well. I have another LiteAF pack with the same bottom pocket, and it has no damage after over a season of use.


A lot of thought has clearly gone into designing all of the standard and custom features included in this pack. It’s a simple design style that has been adopted by many pack companies nowadays, but in my opinion, this one is done just right.

The side pockets are perfectly sized for two Smartwater bottles, with a cinch cord to keep them in place. They also have a drain hole so any spilled water or dirt can escape.

The shoulder straps have multiple sizing options, are nicely shaped, and are so comfortable. The craftsmanship of the pack is done well down to each and every button and strap. Every small detail of this pack is intentional and thought through. By reading through the site and product information, you can easily tell how well thought through these packs are.


  • Customizability: The sky is the limit! It’s great to get exactly what you want without compromise, and this pack delivers just that.
  • Waterproofing & Durability: Having a fully seam-sealed and waterproof pack is a huge perk. It allows you to go lighter without a rain cover while easing your mind in the rain. It’s also made of extremely durable materials while still being an ultralight pack.
  • Spacious: For a 35L pack, there’s a lot of room in the main compartment! With the large mesh pocket too, there’s so much room for all your gear and great organization options.
  • Recyclable: Not only is the EcoPak EPLX200 made from 100% recycled materials, it is recyclable itself after use! That’s a huge win in my book, as every little thing we can do to make a difference in the environment helps.


  • Pricey: $255 is a great value for the most basic version of this pack. However, once you start adding features and custom colors, the price can easily creep up on you. For something made-to-order it is reasonable pricing, but it is not a budget option to create your dream pack. 
  • Lead Time: As with any custom pack, there is a lead time after you order. This won’t work for an upcoming trip unless you plan ahead or get lucky and find one of their options on the shelf that will work for you.


I would highly recommend this pack to any hiker who is prepared for a frameless ultralight pack. While it can be pricey, I would absolutely say it’s worth the great design and craftsmanship, quality materials and durability, and endless customization options. A pack that has everything you want and nothing you don’t speaks for itself.

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The LiteAF Curve was donated for purpose of review

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