Stories From The Trail Presents: Long-Distance Prep School

You’re going to school!

Stories From The Trail is excited to announce our weekly livestream sessions, designed to prep aspiring long-distance hikers. Starting Wednesday, Dec. 26, at 7 p.m. EST, Nervous Newbies and Grizzled Veterans alike are invited to join our free Discord hangout to share knowledge and stories, with the goal of getting you ready for next year’s kickoff, whatever your trail may be.

Who’s invited?

You are. For real. If you’re reading articles on The Trek, you probably love long-distance hiking, and whether you’ve lived outside before or not, there will be something of interest for you. Thinking of hitting the trail for the first time next spring? Perfect. You’re in the right place. Finished your epic SOBO so recently that you’re still pooping trail food and feeling a bit nostalgic? Hey! Let me introduce you to the person from earlier in this paragraph; they have questions.

Tell me more. What exactly are we doing here?

Each week this winter, the crew from our podcast will be hosting a weekly online voice chat on Discord (more on that below). We’ll be using our time each Wednesday to cover a different topic specific to Long-Distance Hike Preparation. Sometimes we’ll have a guest, we’ll always take your questions, and each hangout will be recorded so you can listen later (more on that below, too). The whole series, once complete, will be designed to take you from “Hey, I think I might want to do this someday,” to “OK, I leave tomorrow and I’m not terrified!

Our first class will be What Are You Afraid Of? in which we’ll cover:

  • What did you fear the most before you took your first long-distance hike?
  • How did you deal with it?
  • Looking back, were your fears justified?
  • Your questions
  • And more…

Upcoming classes will cover:

  • “I’ve made up my mind! Now what?” – How do you tell your family and friends? Can I take a semester off? Oh no! Will I still have a job when I get back? My life is ruined, why did I do this?
  • “Wait. This might hurt. How do I train?” – I don’t live near the trail, so “just hike” isn’t an option. How do I ready my body for this quest?
  • “What do I need to bring, and what do I carry it all in?” – I heard that someone once did the whole thing in a pair of Keds and used an old shower curtain as a bindle. What other options are there? Oh, and I’m on a budget.
  • Trail Traditions – Wednesday, January 23, 2019
  • What’s a Typical Day Like? Wednesday, January 30, 2019
  • “Can I really survive on Snickers bars?” – Your body needs fuel. Choose wisely.
  • And more…

Sounds great! How do I join?

I’ll post a link and you’ll click it. That’s basically it.

We’ll be using Discord to both host and record the sessions. You’ll use it to listen in, and/or ask your questions, should you feel so inclined. Discord is free, and it runs in a browser or as a standalone app, on your computer or your phone. Or both, whatever you want. It’s so easy, even Crazy Larry figured out how to use it.

HERE is the Discord link to our live recordings. This link will work for as long as we’re doing this, and the server runs 24/7. Chat with your friends even if we’re not recording!

Upcoming guests will be announced on social media, so follow us on any of the following:

I can’t make it. Can I listen later?

You’re skimming the article while on the toilet, aren’t you? We said like three times already. I mean, Yes! We’re recording every session and releasing them as episodes of the show. You can get the podcast (including every episode of the Long-Distance Hiker Prep School) by subscribing on Apple Podcasts or wherever you find fine shows (like ours!).


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