Look good, Hike good: Why you Should Wear Ultimate Frisbee Apparel


Fact*: Ultimate Frisbee gear combines style with functionality better than any hiking clothing on the market.

*actually an opinion

I have hiked newly 5,000 miles.  I have also worn ultimate frisbee gear every step of it.  Once early on the trail I was asked, what makes ultimate frisbee gear?  Two things, breathability and being lightweight.

For those of you not aware, Ultimate is a game which combines the speed and running of soccer with the possession and athleticism of football.  During a point a player is constantly moving to get open and continue the possession for their team.  The ideal uniform is non-restrictive, lightweight and highly breathable to allow a player to do everything the sport demands.

Ultimate Frisbee Apparel is made to withstand the endless lay outs, skys and hopeless bids that happen during a point.

In hiking these same three demands are paramount in a hikers mind.  Much hiking clothing keeps this in mind, and does an equally good job.  The difference for ultimate gear is the flash.

A hiking friend of mine once described the look of fellow hikers in the distance as “field workers”. While typical hiking gear is effective as a useful piece of clothing it is too utilitarian.  Gray is not great. I see too much dirt to ever want to wear brown. Solid colors are things, I’ll give them that, but what about the cardinal rule?

Look good, hike good.



Ultimate Frisbee apparel is the Delorean in a sea of Pintos.  While they may both have the same components, the Delorean is most certainly the better choice for the hiker with style in mind.

Savage Ultimate Five Ultiamte

Two companies I think do this the best are Savage Ultimate and Five Ultimate.  Both are the best in what they do, offering nonrestrictive, lightweight, breathable, and snazzy gear.  During my PCT thru hike, I cannot tell you how many compliments I received on my tank top which became my distinctive piece of clothing for the hike.  Wearing distinctive clothing is paramount because it makes you more memorable, and when you see 15 hikers in a day, I am going to remember the guy in the flag tank top, or the girl in the long blue dress (Poptart) long before I remember homeboy in the gray, no matter how many shades of gray you wear (sorry Jeffe).


Jeffe looks on in his trademark gray, as Poptart proves that looking good doesn't equal jumping far.

Jeffe looks on in his trademark gray, as Poptart proves that looking good doesn’t count toward jumping ability

Maybe you want to pay tribute to the state that never ends

Or maybe shorts with squids on them is more your style


These are the clothes that you are spending the next 3-6 months wearing, get something that looks good.  They are both excellent companies with outstanding customer service and as for the durability, I have two Savage Ultimate shirts with over 2000 miles on them and no holes, and a pair of Five Ultimate Triton shorts with so much life in them, they may as well be newborns and a pair of Five Ultimate Duality Pants that are my go to cold weather hiking pants.

My point is wear Ultimate Apparel, Look Good, Hike Good.

*Disclosure: I was given free Five and Savage gear for my PCT Thru-hike, but I requested and wore it because it worked so well on the AT.

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