Meet the Team- San Luis Loop 2020

Disclaimer: You should only be hiking trails that aren’t overcrowded during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, and keep at least a six-foot distance from others. Before taking on any outdoor activity, be sure to follow all CDC guidelines, state-by-state regulations, and to stay up-to-date on changing circumstances.

Like the fellowship of the ring, the San Luis Loop needs its own adventure squad to blaze the trail. I’m not sure what our group name is yet (the Trail Blazers, Uno and Dos, One Person and Two Dogs), but all that really matters is that the band is getting back together!


Breed: Border Terrier

Favorite Treat: Salmon Skins

Favorite 14er: Mt. of the Holy Cross

A big dog in a small package, Skittles arguably has the most endurance out of all of us. It’s a good thing she likes hunting for bugs instead of trail names since she is more likely to find the former on this trip! She really likes belly rubs and saying hi to people. On the flip side she tolerates other dogs, but will tell them off if they try to say hi to Prima.

Skittles spends her off trail days pretending to be a stuffed animal on the bed or being the fun police when the other dogs try to play.

She is most looking forward to rolling in dead things and animal poop on a daily basis.


Breed: German Shepherd

Favorite Treat: Chicken Meat

Favorite 14er: Pikes Peak

Derpy dog and fierce protector, Prima’s attitude ranges from clown to pretend police dog depending on the day. While less inquisitive than Skittles, she is just as smart. Prima prefers to observe people and dogs from a distance, but once she realizes someone has food all bets are off! While she lets Skittles boss her around most of the time, she has her back when needed.

When not hiking Prima’s favorite hobbies include competitive sheep and goat herding and carrying stuffed toys around the house. She has a particular obsession with hedgehog toys. Her hidden talent is her ability to throw her toy in the air and catch it by herself.

She is most looking forward to observing wildlife from a distance (she’s a cultured dog, she doesn’t chase wild animals).


Breed: Hiker Trash

Favorite Treat: Ice Cream

Favorite 14er: Humboldt Peak

The one in charge of resupplies and navigation (that’s me!). I like wandering around Colorado, especially the San Juans. I’m obsessed with maps and buy a new Nat Geo topo map almost every time I go to REI. I have a slight obsession with sloths (hence the trail name), which makes me easily recognizable on trail.

Born and raised in Denver, cities make me crazy. I have enjoyed living in Durango, but am excited to be moving to Homer, Alaska, after finishing the San Luis Loop.

When off trail, I have been the perpetual student. On that tangent, I just finished my teaching license and will be teaching secondary math, science, and health next year. I dabble in trail running and also read tons of  fantasy books.

I am most looking forward to the empty trails east of Durango and the high route in the Sangre de Cristo wilderness.

Less than one month till takeoff!

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  • Mark Swanson : May 22nd

    Good morning, Pseudosloth!

    We live in Durango and are currently planning a self-supported hike from Cumbres Pass to Frisco along the CDT. We will be caching food supplies (ammo boxes or opsacks) at strategic points. It’s been difficult to find any accounts of food caching and wonder if you have come across any that are useful.


    • PseudoSloth : May 22nd

      I really have not been able to find any web resources either. I actually got the idea from Thunder and Snow, two hikers I met on the GDT last summer. They cached food when they thru-hiked the CT with their dog a few years ago.

      They have a website where you could probably contact them-

      Hope that helps at least a little! And maybe we will see you on trail this summer!

      • Mark Swanson : May 22nd

        Thanks! We just picked up an ammo box from a shop here in Durango and will add a lock to it (those bears are smart!). BTW, do you have any route description for the Sangre de Cristo sections? Anxious to hear about your hike!


      • PsuedoSloth : May 22nd

        Oooo, where did you find the ammo can in Durango? I ordered a whole bunch off of amazon, but may need one or two more to hold all of my food.

        As for the Sangres, I am mainly going to be utilizing the Rainbow Trail in the Sangre de Cristo wilderness with a few high route options (over Mosca/Medano passes to see the Sand Dunes and over Venable and Hermit or South Brushy Passes). In the southern Sangres, I am hiking through the Hondo-Columbine wilderness (New Mexico) and the San Isabel Nat’l Forest (on the few trails there), but otherwise just connecting our route with a ton of road walking since there is just so much private land south of La Veta pass.

        • Mark : May 22nd

          Thanks for the info on the Sangre de Cristos!

          We got it at Rocky Mountain Pawn & Gun up by Bread. We only purchased one (.50 CAL in pretty good shape, $14.99). They have more (I just called and they said 50?). It was an interesting experience–we were the only ones wearing masks (the staff unmasked).

        • PsuedoSloth : May 22nd

          Thanks for the info! That is good to know! I got mine as 12 .50 cal cans for about $115 on Amazon, but it was a bit more expensive with tax.


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