Mile 1565.9 – Mile 1747.7

Mile 1580.5

This morning I walked 2.5 to the town of Dalton, MA. I headed straight for the coffee shop for a breakfast sandwich, muffin, and a coffee.

While I was sitting there, publishing a new blog post, I ran into a couple friends I hadn’t seen in a bit. We ended up going down the street to a tavern for lunch.

Since I stayed in town longer than I planned for, I didn’t get as far as I wanted to today. Honestly though, spending time with hiker buds is part of what this trail and experience is all about.

Mile 1597.6

Man, I really loved today.

I climbed Mount Greylock this morning. It was a beautiful 5 miles to the summit. There was moss and pine trees and rushing streams for miles. It was really beautiful.

I also made it to Vermont! State 12. I’m currently camped a mile north of the state line. I’m super happy to be in this state.

Mile 1616.4

My first full day in Vermont didn’t disappoint.

Mile 1632.2

Today it rained. Not the kind of rain that comes and goes. The kind of rain that is constant, not stopping, and pounding through the tree canopy. It’s been a while since I’ve had that kind of rain and man, it really slows you down. The trail becomes a river and in Vermont it also becomes a huge wide mud pit. The banks of the trail are are also slippery and steep from so many people trying to avoid the mud. So, I eventually gave up and just walked right through it. Sometimes it’s surprising how deep you sink into the mud and how hard it is to get out. It sucked off my shoe once!

Tomorrow I’m hoping to get an early start. To make up the miles I missed today and also get to Manchester Center by early evening. Here’s to hoping!

Mile 1650.

I made it to Manchester Center around 4pm, got a ride from a really kind lady who also gave me a jar of peanut butter, met up with Whitters, and ate a huge burrito. I’m staying at Green Mountain Hiker Hostel. It’s really clean and relaxing.

Mile 1667.1

I hiked on and off with Whitters all day. She flip flopped up to Manchester Center and will finish the parts she missed after she summits Katahdin. It’s nice to have a familiar face around and also nice to cook dinner together.

The views from Bromley Mountain and Baker Peak were beautiful today. The weather couldn’t have been any better. It was cool and sunny, no humidity.

Mile 1684.6

I didn’t see an eclipse or sign of an eclipse at all today. I did however take a mini bath and relax for an hour or so in the river. That was nice and refreshing.

Mile 1700.8

Today was pretty cool. I passed the “500 miles to Katahdin” sign, summited Killington Mountain, almost stepped on a porcupine, and am now at Yellow Deli hostel for the night.

Seeing that 500 miles to Katahdin sign gave me chills for about 5 minutes. I also shed a few tears. I know there’s still a lot ahead of me but this 500 miles is going to go quick. I thought a lot about my trip so far and how many different exhausting emotions and feelings I’ve gone through. I wanted to share the adjectives I came up with –
Wonderful, exhausting, wet, vibrant, lonely, smelly, strange, fun, surprising, itchy, invigorating, refreshing, green, gross, bizarre, comforting, breath taking, goofy, and amazing.

Mile 1718.1

This morning I went to the grocery store, did my laundry, and had breakfast provided by Yellow Deli Hostel and caught the bus around 9:15.

I didn’t sleep super great last night so most of the day I felt really sluggish. There wasn’t just one large climb today. It was several steep climbs, quick descents, and ridge walking.

I made it to The Lookout. It’s an privately owned abandoned cabin that they’ve opened up to hikers to use as a shelter. I’m tented outside. There’s a deck on top of the cabin that gives a 360 degree view of the surrounding mountains. It’s beautiful.

Mile 1733.8

I stopped a farm today and ate some fresh vegetables, hummus, and tortilla chips. I also had two root beers.

The weather has been cooling down quite a bit in the past few days. The nights are in the mid 40s. It’s great hiking weather during the day.

Mile 1747.7

I made it to New Hampshire this afternoon. It was a pretty easy 14 miles into Hanover and had 3 instances of trail magic on my way. I can’t believe I’m in New Hampshire. I mean I can but I really can’t.

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  • D : Aug 25th

    Two more states!

    • Mom : Aug 25th

      I am so proud of you Honey! I love you!

  • Ms. Laurie Melfi : Aug 26th

    Hey Anna,
    Just recently became aware of your adventure. How exciting is that? Very, very proud of you. You go girl!!

  • Joan Shaw : Aug 26th

    Hey woman! You got it. The pictures are beautiful. Your comments are fun and you look like a million bucks. Your drive is overwhelming to most of us, who wouldn’t, couldn’t last a week. You are in a very rare percentage of people who accomplish this. Can’t wait to talk with you WGM

  • Chris : Aug 26th

    Beautiful pictures! May you keep safe and enjoy the magic to come.

  • Laura Berk : Aug 26th

    It looks beautiful up there and you are moving right along. Be safe and be careful the rest of the way.

  • John krauss : Aug 27th

    Your in the home stretch and so proud of what you have done It take a lot to do the green tunnel and it is so nice to see the mountains make sure some one bring you a bottle of champagne for when you reach the end you deserve it. Thank you for your blog and awesome pictures

  • Kara : Sep 14th

    Two more weeks and your dream is a reality. So very proud of you. Think your Vermont snaps are my favorite yet ❤️


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