Now, Onto Mexico!!!

Day 5
Miles: 14

Today, Travis and I were starting off with the last switchbacks on the PNT/Boundary Trail before the PCT, we wanted to beat the heat so we woke up early and tried to leave pretty quick. The sun rose quickly and it got hot fast on the switchbacks. But we were going to make it!! Only a few more miles until we touch the border and then my hike on the Pacific Crest Trail officially begins! Our plan was to hike the 2 miles to the campground just before the border (it was actually 4 miles), hang out there until the temperature cooled down and then tag the border.

After hanging out for a bit we decided that it wasn’t too hot if we left our packs at this campsite, hiked to the border and back and then we could make it to Hopkins Lake tonight and have less miles to do the next two days.

We did it!! We tagged the border!! 3.7 miles down, 3.7 back to our stuff!! I ran to the monument. I can’t even begin to explain the excitement I felt. This is all real. I’m really doing this. I read the entries in the register and I debated what to write.

“Wanted to hike the Camino this year, couldn’t with COVID. I heard this was a much better option! An adventure so far through Robinson Creek and the PNT I have met so many wonderful people so far and have a great hiking buddy. Hell yeah! Onto Mexico!!!”

Of course the monument is my phone background now, did you even need to ask?

After collecting our stuff we began the trek to Mexico! We ran into Philip who looked tired and defeated. He had a really difficult day at Rock Pass falling 80 feet and feeling as though he could have died. I couldn’t even imagine how scary that must be. I tried to console him by stating that was probably the hardest thing he would have to go through on the PCT and I encouraged him to think about trekking on.

All through the next few days everyone was talking about Philip and how scary his situation was. Philip, if by some chance you read this, or if anyone that knows you reads this. I’m giving you the trail name Legend. Your story was heard by everyone and you my friend, are a badass.

A little ways into finally hiking SOBO, we saw the first trail marker!! It was a cool hike to Hopkins Lake. Unfortunately, we got there too late to jump in. I dreamt of building a house in the mountains here.

Slept at Hopkins Lake, but we didn’t jump in. I would not have dried off, we arrived too late.

Day 6
Miles: 14

Woke up later than usual today, it was really nice to sleep in. We had a hard climb up up Devil’s stairway to start, getting to the top required microspikes as we were scaling the mountain in the snow.

The top of lake view ridge was so beautiful! Travis and I stayed up there for so long just basking in the glory of the mountains.

On the way down we met some dozen people. I think I talked just about everyone’s ear off for 10 min each. I was so excited to see other hikers and interact with them.

We met another hiker who we crossed Rock Pass with. It’s amazing how much snow melted within the last few days. This was the pass everyone was freaking out about and it was very doable. I still put on my micro spikes though! Better safe than sorry.

On the other side of the Pass we met up with old friends Dice and Erik. More hikers were arriving at this campsite as well and it was like a little party.

Travis and I hiked on a bit longer, we met Charlie who we’d later be hiking with in our group! It’s funny how those things work. Overall, a very good day. I’m very excited to be out here.


Day 7
Miles: 11

It was so nice and cool when I woke up today, but none of my clothes were dry. I cannot wait for a shower or to wash my clothes. After Robinson Creek Trail and being out six days my clothes took a beating. My shorts were brown and stiff. We hiked a bit and saw Tina and Jim just starting their day as well! We were flying through the miles and met Puddles and Bradventure who recognized me from my posts here!! I was amazed people are actually reading what I have to say!

I have been amazed how fast word travels while on trail. Three people we met let us know that there was a temporary bridge at __ so we didn’t have to bushwack and jump over downed trees taking the alternate to Stehekin.

When we got back to Hart’s Pass it was not long before we got a hitch to Mazama. And why do we see? None other than the famous Dr. Dab! It was great to see that he was alive and just waited out the heat wave. He took us to Ravensong’s Roost to stay for the night.

A father daughter pair hiking together that I met taking the Yellow Blaze Transit to Mazama all the way back on the 23rd were staying here too! It was so great to see Nutrition and Walkie-Talkie. Walkie-Talkie could tell I wanted to talk but she insisted that we could talk after I showered and did my laundry. She said I’d feel better and she was right. That shower felt AMAZING. And my shorts weren’t brown anymore. It was such a wonderful night to recount all of our adventures and catch my family up on my border tap!!

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