250 Miles Down: We Found a Rhythm

We have been on trail for more than three weeks now and hiked over 250 miles. As a duo, it is sometimes hard to find a rhythm that fits the both of us. The difficulties are caused by the fact that I am very much not a morning person, that we don’t like to set up camp while it’s dark, and that we like to have some time to contact the people at home (the Netherlands, nine-hour time difference) during the day. We found a rhythm that works, although there is still some room for improvement, as we do need to start making a little longer days. Let me take you through a typical day on the PCT:


I wake up, realize it’s too early, turn around, sleep again.


My mom wakes up, starts putting on her hiking clothes, and prepares breakfast. Our breakfast consists of oatmeal with chocolate milk powder and protein powder. I still like it after those three weeks 🙂 But, back to the point, while she does all this, I struggle with really waking up, and by the time breakfast is ready I’m probably still in my sleeping clothes and bag (maybe I put my puffy on if it’s cold).


Ok, I’m done eating my breakfast and should really get started. I put on my hiking clothes and start packing. Because my mom is already dressed, she is one step ahead of me, and by the time I’m putting everything in my backpack she’s waiting impatiently to take the tent down.


We are hiking! It isn’t that hot yet, and that makes the hiking easier. However, I do have some trouble getting the engine started. The first two to three miles are slow.


My engine has started, and it’s time for the first snack. A nice bar is enough fuel to keep going until lunch.


Lunch break!!! Time to eat some tortillas and text a little with the people at home if we have service. This break always takes longer than intended, about 45 min. Most of the time we have done about eight miles when it’s time for lunch.




Break and snack time!




Break and snack time!




We arrive at the goal for the day, try to find a flat spot and pitch the tent. When that’s done, I start making the beds while my mom starts cooking dinner. For the first section, we prepared nice meals with freeze-dried vegetables.


Put on sleep clothes, wonder how my legs got so dirty again, and enjoy tea and M&M’s in bed. If we have service we read texts from home and reply, but a real conversation isn’t possible as everyone is asleep back home. I read a little on my e-reader and my mom writes her polarsteps blog.


I am in a coma and it’s impossible to wake me, even if the tent collapses.. (yes, this happened, sorry mom).


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  • Ernie : Apr 25th

    Interest time line on a topical day! Thanks for the great photos. May you both have a safe and enjoyable journey on the PCT. Looking forward to your next update.


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