35 Pacific Crest Trail Thru-Hikers You Need to Be Following on Instagram in 2019

Each year, dozens of The Trek’s beloved bloggers and vloggers hit the Pacific Crest Trail and, in addition to their prolific prose, also capture their  journeys via Instagram. Follow along to feel the excitement, send good vibes, track progress, and, hopefully, gain some inspiration for a hike of your own.

Throughout our trips, we’ll be using #TheTrek and #TrekThePCT hashtags. You can also get the best of all our posts through The Trek’s Pacific Crest Trail Instagram account and our general Instagram account for The Trek.

Without further ado, here are 2019’s best-and-brightest hiker trash on the Pacific Crest Trail.

The Trek: Pacific Crest Trail – @pacificcrest.trail


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Devin Everett – @devineverettyoga


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I’m happy. Like really, really happy. (It’s amazing what reconnecting with mama earth can do!) And I’ll be spamming your feed with all the happiness and travel stories over the next few weeks while I wander around the American West. Please add to the good vibes and tell me something that makes you happy, too! Cheers. . . . #devdoesadventure #devoyage #travel #mothernature #grandcanyon #gaia #hike #sheexplores #natureiscalling #womenwhohike #outdoorwomen #darlingescapes #atwildwoman #roamtheplanet #bewild #earthfocus #stayandwander #worldtraveler #traveltheworld #exploretocreate #lifeofadventure #havasupai #femmetravel #wearetravelgirls #dametraveler #sheisnotlost #radgirlslife #ladiesgoneglobal

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Katie Barr – @katieeeb3


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Blaine Hoppenrath – @bhoppen.adventures

Becca Bergstrom – @ms_rebecca_ann

MaryClare Zimmermann – @MCZonthePCT


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Young woman finally brings tripod on solo adventure. You’ll never guess what happens next!

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Kali Mckay Cecil – @kalgirl97

Tiffany Chou – @tiff.on.trail


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when i grow up, i want to be mount rainier

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Parker Semin – @projectmove_

Rhys Hora – @bananamancometh

Sam Cooper – @scwoopz


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Sara Kruglinski – @krugiesara

Paige Wagar – @untrammeledthoughts

Austin Kindig – @hikeraustin


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Cold and windy morning but I hit mile 50! #pct #pacificcresttrail #pct2019 #withguthook #pcta #pctig #thetrek #trekthepct #thruhike

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Elise Ott – @elise.ott


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Not sure if it was the switchbacks, the altitude, or the view, but Angel’s Landing took my breath away.

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Angie Kane Ferrante – @angiekaneferrante


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I NEED YOUR HELP! I have been chosen as a finalist in the 2019 Badger Sponsorship! They asked up to make a creative 90 second video answering three questions… the final scoring is 25% audience vote and 75% expert panel. Please click on the link in my bio OR type in “Angie Kane wants to win the 2019 Badger Sponsorship” in YouTube and give my video a thumbs up! That’s all you have to do! **The video is goofy and my answers are true, but there was way more to say than I could cover in 90 seconds. Any time you want to know more about this adventure or why I’m doing it- message me! 😘#2019badgersponsorship #thetrek #pct #trekthepct #gossamergear #bedrocksandals #tailwindnutrition #goodtogofoods #bigagnes #granitegear #buffofficial #thermarest #sawyerproducts #darntough #altrarunning #montbell

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Brandon Smith – @bran_donsmith

Carl Stanfield – @prof_carl

Matthew Modleski – @matt_mods_adventures


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Playing with gear! Some folks asked “why” I was thinking about taking Pete the Penguin with me. One, I like having a pillow and he’s less than 5 oz 🤷🏻‍♂️ but also, Pete was there through 5 apartments, numerous hostels and camping trips, the first time I did the AIDS Lifecycle in Ca, through getting sober, and on a number of other adventures. I first fell in love with penguins because of a boy (why I got into most things in my early 20s 🙈) but it stuck with me. Penguins are weird, awkward, clumsy, make annoying noises and can’t fly… until you put them in their element. Then they are graceful, powerful, majestic creatures. Basically, I’m a fucking penguin 🐧 Pete’s the longest running man in my life, I like sleeping with him and he’s comin’ on my adventure! #luxuryitem #penguin #pillowpet #pct #pct2019 #pacificcresttrail #optoutside #notultralight #boyfriend #gayhikertrash #queerhiker #thruhike #thruhike #hikertrash #soberhiker #squatsandprayers #legs

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Pope Yuengling – @trail.pope


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“Trail No. 7396- Add that to the list…” . With every layer on, channeling my inner @wilderbound with my bandanna-ed left knee, I amused myself pondering where in Oregon Nature would choose to consume me (Under a window maker in all those burn areas; maybe a boulder tumbling down from Thielsen? Frankly I was hoping to go out with a stabbing challenge on the cougar/panther/puma/mountain lion that was tracking us for 2 days.) Sugarcoating the crap out of this statement: nothing happens on the Piece of Cake Trail! The clouds don’t just open up at the perfect time, reflecting a rainbow bridge to Wizard Island; youth camps don’t cater to the dirty homeless nearly year-round; Trail Angels aren’t gonna give you your first tattoo just cuz your crazy enough for one. It’s just a dirt path that seems to lead nowhere, right? . . Like. Comment. Share. Follow. Enjoy!!

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Marie-Pier Tremblay – @mariedraws_thepct


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OK IT’S OFFICIAL! In 4 months I will be at the Mexican border starting my thru-hike of the PCT!!! The girl who was always chosen last in phys ed is now going to attempt walking across an entire country, ha! But it’s the same girl who spent her summers at camp until her early twenties and cannot get over these times spent living outside with amazing people. I’ve been obsessing for long enough now, it’s time to go. 😅 Bon c’est OFFICIEL. Dans 4 mois je serai à la frontière du Mexique et je ferai mes premiers pas sur la Pacific Crest Trail, « une idée de fou » comme dirait ma mère. 🤪 La fille qui était tout le temps choisie en dernier en éduc veut maintenant marcher du Mexique au Canada, LOL. Mais c’est la même fille qui sera nostalgique à vie de ses étés au camp, à vivre dehors et entourée de personnes merveilleuses. Mes amis vous le diront, ça fait assez longtemps que j’obsède avec ça…c’est le temps d’y aller! #pct2019 #pct2018 #pcta #pct #pacificcresttrail #thruhiker #thruhike #trekthepct #thetrek #backpackerlife #thruhike #pctig

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Nicole Antoinette – @nic.antoinette


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Day 4: Endless wind/freezing hail/hiding in the soaked pit toilet ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ I wait too long to put my gloves on, and by the time I’ve realized just how cold it actually is my hands have frozen into little claws that are entirely non-functional. And so, a conundrum: how does one get gloves from inside their pack when one’s fingers are too numb to open the pack buckle? I fumble uselessly until Gent catches up and is able to help me, wind whipping all around us as I put on my gloves and hat, zipping my rain coat as high as it goes. And then, we hike. It rains, and we hike. The temperature plummets, and we hike. Thick fog rolls in, making it impossible to see in any direction, and still we hike, covering ten miles without stopping to rest or eat. It’s too cold to stop. Too wet and windy. And by the time we find our friends at the picnic area they’re already huddled up behind the outhouse, using the wall as a shield against the wind. I tuck in next to Shivers, pulling out my stove to make hot chocolate, and as soon as it’s gone I’m freezing again. There will be no long lunch break, not today, because the only way to stay warm is to keep moving, so we do. I put my puffy coat on under my rain coat, and for the next three hours Gent and I hike along the ridges of the mountain range, getting swallowed by mist, drenched by rain, and pummeled by chunks of hail that are almost as large as tic tacs. “What the actual FUCK,” I yell into the wind, hiking uphill with my eyes mostly closed to shield them from the hail. “Why are these our choices!!” Gent screams. We laugh for a while, indulging in dark humor, but as snow falls and conditions deteriorate we lapse into scared silence. It’s so so cold, and the final 30 minutes are a reminder of how hard you can push yourself when you have no other choice. We finally reach the Sunrise Trailhead, where Muffy and Shivs are huddled in the wet pit toilet, hiding from the storm and from the water that’s seeping in under the door. I hurry inside, convulsing from the cold, and when Muffy looks up and says, “I got us a room at the motel, all we need to do is hitch a ride” it might be the best sentence I’ve ever heard in my entire life.

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Liam – @50shadesofpale


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SECRET’S OUT: On May 3rd I will be embarking on the adventure of a lifetime. I will be hiking from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail. While on the trail I will be documenting my experiences on the podcast @trailcorrespondents powered by @thetrek.co . This trail is something that I have wanted to do for a couple years and I am beyond thrilled to live out my dream. I am very sad to be leaving behind such an amazing job with some pretty rad girls, Chipotle, my family, my friends, my bed, Chipotle, my couch, my snatched outfits, did I mention I’m leaving behind Chipotle? A journey like this is rooted in such privilege and opportunity that not many people get the chance to experience. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be able to take on this expedition. I am inspired by the people in my life that have always pushed me to reach for my dreams. And that is exactly what I am going to do—reach for my dreams. Please hit me up before I go and we can shotgun some WhiteClaws together. AND because y’all love me, ya girl is going to be tearing through 5 pairs of shoes on this trip so feel free to hit that Venmo (@swagmoneymonster) if you feel so inclined!!! XOXO love you all!! • • • • • • #pct #pacificcresttrail #thetrek #trekthepct #pct2019 #hikerlife #hiker #optoutside #pcta #pctig #backpacker #thruhiker

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Anna Johnson – @annacjohnson11


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PCT Day 1!! Mile 0 – Mile 7.4

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Waldo – @waldoexplores


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Made it to mile 100 on the PCT!!

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Matt Broshat – @bikerbroshat


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PCT Day 8 🏕⛰🏃‍♂️

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Travis – @t.loop


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Day 3: The views don’t just start in the Sierra! And I’m stoked to be experiencing them all with this punk right here. It’s like he was built for this. He even downed last night’s cold-soaked ramen AND rinsed his cup out with water and drank that, too. I won’t even tell you how he’s managed to repurpose leaves and sticks 👀. . Anyway, today was an easy day. We spent a good chunk in Mt. Laguna eating these eggy pancake things, buying more trail food, and letting our batteries recharge. We climbed a few ridges near a military base, and finally set up camp in a bike park just off the highway. This is our first night actually cowboy camping (the 1st night we bailed due to condensation concerns). We have a couple big days ahead of us on our way to Julian, CA for some pie 😋. Thanks for reading, and goodnight! . Today’s miles on PCT: 10 Total miles on PCT: 48.8 . #pct #pct2019 #pctclassof2019 #pacificcresttrail

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Danielle Phillips – @mrsdaniellephillips


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Hello world, meet Faucet! 👋🏼 . I got my trail name, folks! And if you’ve ever spent any amount of time with me, you probably already know why I got this as my trail name, but for those of you that don’t already know, I pee, A LOT. 😂 . The other night I was camping with a couple groups of two and while setting up camp, I ran to pee at least 6 times, and then through the night I got up to pee at least another 5 or 6 times. . One of the guys, Josh, dubbed me Faucet and it just felt right. . #pct #pctig #pct2019 #pcta #pacificcresttrail #mexicotocanada #thruhike #thruhiker #thruhiking #pcthiker #thetrek #trekthepct #guthookguides #withguthook #leavenotrace #enjoyyourworld #hikertrash #choosemountains #embracethespace #mylandmark #letscamp #backpacking #optoutside #sweatydirtyhappy #sheexplores #womenontheroad #seeyououtthere #wekeepyououtdoors #womenwhohike #hikertrashtruths

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Mallory Hiefield – @malloryhiefield

Trevor Pyke – @crunchmaster_hikes

Samuel – @samgoeswest

Rosanne Luciana – @roamingwildrosie

Leah King – @thegypsydutchess


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I just stopped by the Southern Terminus to pay homage to the place that will be the starting point of my journey in less than eight weeks. It was strangely eerie to be there alone, no hikers, only the border wall and patrol as company. . . . Pehaps it’s all the Holocaust studying I did in college? Walls like that really skeez me out when I think about what historical circumstances surrounded their creation. In conjunction with the creepy whistling wind that sounded just like it does in a haunted house? A little too grim for my tastes today. Even the blissful sunshine couldn’t quite warm away the chill. . . . I have a feeling I’ll be walking towards Canada pretty quickly for those first few miles. . . . #pct2019 #pct2019prep #optoutside #optoutdoors #thruhike #thetrek #pacificcresttrail #pctclassof2019 @pacificcrest.trail #thruhiking #trails #hiking #hiking #california #trailchat

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Kate Hill – @kate_erpillar

Sochi – @pct_amputee


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Day 16 and 17 were long, hot, arduous climbs. Seems like a common theme. Haha I think these days stick out more because I’m doing more miles. I was doing 8 or 9 miles on climbing days but over the past 3 days we’ve done 10, 12, and 14. That’s pretty cool but the 14 mile day was really rough. It reminded me a lot of that long day coming into Julian except this one was uphill. By the end of the day with a couple miles left still, the sandy trail was looking like a comfortable spot to sleep. Out here, you hear over and over again “the trail provides” and that saying rang true big time! As I sleepwalked into Mary’s after a particularly steep 5 miles, there was a sign on the picnic table that said to follow the driveway 50 m and turn left for a full Irish Dinner. I felt like I was dreaming. We rounded the corner and found Mary, a couple familiar smiling faces, and quite the spread of classic St. Patty’s day food. Made. My. Day.

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Alexandria Cantreall – @adventurealex22


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The Pacific Crest Trail is 4 months away. It hasn’t really sunk in that it’s happening yet, to be perfectly honest. I try not to think about it if I can help it, but some days I fall down a PCT rabbit hole where all I do is read about it, research it, look at last year’s hikers’ photos, watch PCT hiking videos on YouTube, read gear reviews, daydream and think about what a wonderful horrible sufferfest it’s going to be. . Ah, what a wonderful sufferfest it’s going to be… . #appalachiantrail #pct2019 #backpacking #womenwhohike #getoutside #getafterit #hiking #outdoorwomen #thetrek #badasswomen #adventure #longdistancehiking #mountbromley #hikingupaskihill @deuter @appalachiantrail #getoutstayout #optoutside #hikertrash #sheexplores #andshesdopetoo #staywild

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    Cute List…You missed IBTAT @savedbymtns

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      Second Chance is killing it

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        I agree, he is doing so good…he’s so funny too.

    • DickheadHikes : Apr 8th

      They didn’t. Hikers aren’t celebrities.

    • DickheadHikes : Apr 8th

      They didn’t – hikers aren’t celebrities.

  • Robin Morris : Apr 8th

    Interesting people, but it doesn’t seem to be a real representation of who is on the trail. Based on this list you would think everyone on the trail is under 30 and over half are female. That is very far from reality.

  • Carrie : Apr 8th

    Second Chance is inspiring and should definitely be on this list. Check him out. He’s killing it and inspiring thousands along the way.

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    Second chance hiker is the man. Should have been on this list for sure.

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    Following the lives 35 people who make everything about “look at me, look at me and look at the back of my head” is something I will be passing on.

  • Kandi : May 13th

    The best hiker on the trail is the dark horse underdog secondchance hiker. He’s got youtube videos and Instagram and a very devoted following.

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    I think that if any of you people run across a 33 year old lady from the Czech Republic have her shoot me an email. I saw her at O’Dell Lake and I’m wondering how she’s doing.


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